PIERSON: Joe Biden To Independent Black Voters – ‘You Ain’t Black’

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Katrina Pierson Contributor
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Presumptive Democratic nominee for president Joe Biden just offered a hollow, pathetic excuse for the racist remarks he made last week toward the black community.

“If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black,” Biden told the Breakfast Club radio program Friday morning, reminding us yet again why he doesn’t deserve a single vote from the black community.

After days of widespread criticism, Biden tried to explain himself Tuesday to CNN by blaming the show’s black host, Charlamagne Tha God. “I shouldn’t have been such a wise guy with him [Charlamagne]. He was being a wise guy, and I responded in kind,” Biden said.

Biden’s remark, and subsequent excuse, reveals his arrogant, condescending and racist mindset when it comes to the black community — you’re going to shut up and support me because that’s what is expected from you.

This shouldn’t shock anyone. White liberal elitists have long dictated which black Americans are allowed to come to the table with a voice.

In fact, Joe Biden’s nearly half century political career is full of racist rhetoric and dehumanizing policies. His remarks Friday morning just add another layer to the Democrat Party’s longtime use of identity politics to maintain power.

In the 1990’s, Biden led the charge on a new crime bill that resulted in mass incarceration of young black men and longer prison sentences that disproportionally impacted the black community. In fact, Biden’s pro-mass incarceration policies started in the 1980’s, when he worked alongside his “old buddy” and prominent segregationist, Strom Thurmond, to pass legislation that targeted minority communities.

They say a person is known by the company he or she keeps. Biden counted some of the most prominent pro-segregationists of the time as his closest confidants in the Senate, including Thurmond and Robert Byrd.

Biden supported efforts to eliminate parole and prison capacity requirements. He also supported efforts to raise maximum sentences and to impose harsher punitive rules.

Biden even bragged about how he ensured that individuals found with even a quarter-sized amount of crack cocaine would go to jail for 5 years. “You get no probation, you get nothing other than five years in jail — judge doesn’t have a choice,” Joe Biden said at the time.

Even Hillary Clinton, who also supported that bill, later apologized for it. But no such admission or apology from Biden. He still stands by the bill.

Biden’s mass incarceration policies decimated black communities and families across America, and unlike the lip service we hear from liberals today, Biden isn’t interested in rehabilitation efforts.

In fact, it’s painfully clear that Biden, and today’s Democrat Party, have no interest in actually solving the problems faced by the black community. The truth is, Biden and the Democrats benefit from the status quo. They promote a victimhood mentality in the black community and label anyone with a differing opinion or independent thought as a traitor to their own race.

Take the case of Alice Johnson, a black woman convicted to life imprisonment without parole in 1997 for her involvement in a drug conspiracy. Johnson, who worked hard to rehabilitate herself and even started mentoring other inmates, was denied clemency by the Obama-Biden administration despite calls for her release from a society that believes in second chances.

President Trump granted Johnson clemency in 2018, re-iterating a fundamental American principle when dealing with certain non-violent crimes—it’s imperative to enforce the law, while giving a second chance to Americans who accept responsibility and work to redeem themselves behind bars.

Contrast Biden’s condescension towards the black community with President Trump, who has led the way on criminal justice reform. The black unemployment rate was at an all-time low before the coronavirus global pandemic artificially shut down the economy, and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s) are receiving more funding than ever before.

So while Joe Biden and today’s Democrat Party continues to talk down to the black community, with an expectation that they’ll line up behind who they’re told to line up behind, President Trump remains focused on delivering real results for the black community, just like he is focused on helping ALL Americans.

Katrina Pierson is a senior adviser for Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.