Gal Gadot Surprises Wonder Woman Nurses On ‘Good Morning America’

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot Good Morning America https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXLlG0opcSs)

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Gal Gadot finally figured out the right way to give back during coronavirus after that epic fail “Imagine” video.

Gadot joined “Good Morning America” on Wednesday to surprise nurses who have been dressing up as Wonder Woman while working the front lines.

“As a team, there’s a lot of superheroes here!” Erin Cavanagh, head of a group of nurses at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan, said. “She believes in people. She believes in love, she saves people when people can’t save themselves. She’s the strongest chick I know.”

“On the days that I put on my Wonder Woman shirt, I just feel a little different,” technician Beth Gonzalez added. “I feel a little empowered.” (RELATED: Gal Gadot Shares Cringeworthy Video Of Celebs Singing John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ During Coronavirus Quarantine)

“GMA” brought in Gadot to surprise the ladies with a sweet thank you message.

“You are the real heroes, let’s just make that clear,” Gadot said on the Zoom call. “Thank you, I salute you. Everything that you do is the real deal. You’re risking your lives for other people, I get emotional thinking about it.”

“You’re amazing! Thank you so much for everything that you do,” she added. “You are true inspiration, and I just want to hug you.”

The move comes weeks after Gadot made headlines for the tone deaf celebrity-filled “Imagine” cover video. It seems she learned her lesson from that move and has decided to take a different route during the pandemic.

This one is much better, although I’m not sure if Gadot has actually donated any resources to people in need right now. As long as she continues to make this whole situation less about her and more about the people who are working their ass off right now, she’ll probably get less criticism.