This $30 Bundle Of Training Classes Is Perfect For New Dog Owners

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Tired of telling your dog to be quiet every time the mailman comes around? Or how about replacing your loafers every time your pooch decides to munch on them while you’re out? Living with your dog can be a complicated journey, to say the least. But if you know how to properly communicate with your pup, both of you can live happily and harmoniously together — and your loafers will be in much better shape.

Instead of forking up a ton of cash for an in-person trainer, why not take on the task yourself? With The Complete Guide to Puppy & Dog Training Bundle, it’s totally possible. Covering everything from basic puppy-training to successfully taming aggressive adult dogs, this 8-course guide covers all the dog-owner basics, and then some.

Each comprehensive course is led by Sharon Bolt, a dog behavior expert who has written a wide array of training materials and has successfully taught nearly 10,000 students her game-changing training methods. With her experience and expert guidance, along with 12 hours of enriching content, you’ll feel confident enough to train puppies and adult dogs, and will have a better understanding of man’s best friend.

Along with learning all the training essentials like leash-pulling, barking, potty-training, and more, the bundle also gives you access to unique courses that are harder to come by. For example, you can learn what it takes to become a dog trainer yourself — heck, there’s even a course on how to start your very own training business!

There’s also an entire program that focuses on natural remedies for doggy issues. And if you’re really interested in your dog’s health and the food it should be eating, you’ll love the bundle’s 21 lessons that focus on the benefits of a raw diet and more.

Still not sure if The Complete Guide to Puppy & Dog Training Bundle is for you? After checking out some of the many powerful reviews users are saying about the program, you may think differently.

“I love the step-by-step video demonstrations in this course. I didn’t realize the different aspects that cause dogs to be aggressive but Sharon explains this very clearly and how to rectify it.” – Maggie Styles

“Just finished the course, and applied just a few during our afternoon walk and it worked marvelously. Maybe old dogs can learn new tricks after all” – Eddison Paguia

“This is a brilliant course yet again by Sharon Bolt. It has helped me no end with my dog training career and has taught me so much about running a successful business.” – James Budd

For a limited time, The Complete Guide to Puppy & Dog Training Bundle is deeply discounted to just $29.99 down from $1,160!

Prices subject to change.

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