‘Catastrophic Judgmental Error’: Dan Bongino Warns Rioters Not To Try Breaching The White House

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino issued a stark warning to protesters Saturday, saying that an attempt to breach the White House would “not end well.”

Bongino joined “Fox & Friends” to discuss the nationwide protests that have followed the death of unarmed black man George Floyd in the custody of Minneapolis police officers. (RELATED: Former Schumer Aide Wants Democrats To ‘Get In The Mud’ With Trump And ‘Kick’ Opponents)


As protests reached the streets of Washington, D.C., President Donald Trump thanked the Secret Service agents who protected the White House while he remained safely inside.

Host Pete Hegseth read parts of the president’s tweets, turning the question to Bongino.

Bongino, who served as a New York City police officer prior to joining the Secret Service, prefaced his statement by noting what an honor it was to have served in the Secret Service for 12 years.

But then he turned to the topic at hand, issuing a warning.

“To the rioters, you are making a catastrophic judgmental error if you think for one moment the Secret Service is going to abandon the White House like they abandoned that precinct in Minneapolis,” Bongino said. “You are making a catastrophic, I am not kidding, it’s not a joke, this is not bravado, I’m not trying out for a Stallone movie, I’m telling you the truth. This will not end well. I’m warning you it will not end well.”

“You are a bunch of 18-year-old kids pampered in your basement your entire life and you found an opportunity to go instigate a riot because you never do anything yourself because you’re a chump,” Bongino continued, warning once again, “This will not end well. I am not kidding. I’m doing you a public service … Do not try to get in that. It’s huge, huge mistake.”

Four officers in the viral video of Floyd’s arrest have since been fired, and former officer Derek Chauvin has been charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter for kneeling on Floyd’s neck until he lost consciousness and later died.