STONE: Now That I’m Ungagged, I’d Like To Say A Few Things About My Prosecution


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With Attorney General William Barr now firmly in charge at the Justice Department, the steady unraveling of the coup plot against President Donald J. Trump by the Obama-Clinton junta raises the real possibility that a number of its culprits will face prosecution. The pushback from Democrats and their allies is the false claim that Attorney General Barr “interfered” in the sentencing recommendations of the “non-political career line prosecutors” in my case as well as recommending the dismissal of the thoroughly corrupted case against Gen. Michael Flynn. Now that I am ungagged, I can outline why this charge against the Attorney General is entirely false. Read on.

After years of obfuscation, foot-dragging and distracting sham investigations to prop up the Democrats’ Russian collusion hoax, the end is perhaps nigh for the defiant zealots behind the most brazen attempt to systematically subvert constitutional government in our nation’s entire history.

Despite his somewhat-plodding manner, AG Barr is emerging as a stolid, steady leader in the national imperative of correcting the veritable crime spree of Obama-Clinton sponsored injustices, while exorcising the DOJ of the lawless partisan corruption that infested its ranks during the Obama administration.

To the dismay of the deep state manipulators, Barr is not susceptible to smarmy tactics and relentless bullying. His fealty lies solely with the Constitution and fulfilling the DOJ’s role as its guardian, ensuring the reliable administration of legitimate, rather than wayward justice.

Barr may well prove to be the immovable object the Obama-Clinton-Democrat manipulators had hoped their endless torrent of lies, smears and obfuscations would never encounter. As they see that political pressures will not bring Barr to heel, he has become a focal point for their relentless attack machine.

In February, the Attorney General found out just how diabolical the Obama-Clinton apparatchiks can be when the lawyers prosecuting me engineered a media frenzy to set Barr up for false accusations that he had intervened to serve the interests of President Trump.

This malicious prosecution used as a tool to silence and bankrupt me originated with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s partisan hit squad, but was migrated to the U.S. Attorney for D.C. when Mueller abruptly ended his nearly 2-year inquisition targeting President Trump and his political supporters. Two members of Mueller’s team were dispatched to prosecute the case alongside two lawyers from the U.S. Attorney’s office. With them came the Mueller team’s penchant for devious legal machinations and unethical ambush tactics.

As my case came to the sentencing phase, its underhanded prosecutors reportedly lied to senior DOJ officials and “browbeat” the newly-appointed US Attorney for D.C. in order to file a sentencing memorandum recommending that I receive seven to nine years incarceration as a non-violent first-time offender on charges that were picayune gotcha offenses.

The draconian punishment recommendation was a radical departure from standard DOJ sentencing recommendation practices and immediately sparked public outrage. The criticism from legal experts across the spectrum compelled the DOJ to correct the government’s sentencing recommendation to bring it in line with the handling normally given a case of its kind.

The DOJ went so far as to issue a public statement denouncing the recommendation of its own prosecutors, warning that “[t]he Department finds seven to nine years extreme, excessive and grossly disproportionate to Mr. Stone’s offenses.” Hardly a ringing endorsement of this persecution team’s judgment, to say the least.

Ambushing their own department and using dishonest trickery to file an outlandish punishment recommendation in a high-profile case is hardly what one might expect from principled crusaders for justice.

Notwithstanding their laughable canonization by the media, the truth is that these partisan manipulators posing as prosecutors knew exactly what they were doing, and engineering a media controversy was precisely the result they sought.

Had these prosecutors simply complied with DOJ professional practice, had they offered their department colleagues slightly better treatment than sheer contempt, they would have denied themselves the opportunity to pompously grandstand as aggrieved public servants compelled by their scrupulous ethics to withdraw from the case in protest. (Sure, fellas, and in other news I am the odds-on favorite to become the next pope.)

The ugly reality is that they abused their positions of trust to push for an outlandish retributive punishment in my case, while teeing up another defamatory smear against AG Bill Barr, knowing well that sympathetic media jackals and a ready-made gaggle of their DC swamp allies would giddily promote and perpetuate the narrative, exactly according to plan.

It was a “Tuesday afternoon massacre!” bleated a few of the more demented propaganda outlets, alluding to the so-called “Saturday night massacre” in which Richard Nixon ordered the firing of Special Prosecutor and Kennedy minion Archibald Cox.

The false narrative created by these Mueller goons enabled a malicious hit job on an Attorney General who, in reality, is more fair-minded, ethical and public-interested than the entire army of sleazy lawfare practitioners who made up the Obama crime presidency, combined.

The disingenuousness and inflated self-importance of these partisan legal hacks was as repugnant as their conduct was unprofessional and uncouth.

Clearly their curious idea of what it means to represent the United States Government as Department of Justice attorneys is a function of the sordid partisan animus and power-abusive arrogance they share with their fellow travelers in the Obama-Clinton junta.

These are dangerous, perhaps even criminally-corrupt, government officials. It is worth taking a closer look at who these prosecutorial bullies really are, and what sort of deep state bonafides enabled them to get away with such injustices.

First, we can largely dispel the laughable spin that these are “career prosecutors” due some sort of deferential default presumption of being non-partisan, unbiased, apolitical vicars of justice. The facts are that these prosecutors were handpicked partisan mercenaries with ideological profiles of decidedly anti-Trump partisans.

Lead prosecutor Jonathan Kravis (pronounced like the word craven) – Yale Law ‘04 — was an associate White House Counsel to Barack Obama, hired just days after Obama’s inauguration in 2009. Prior to this, Kravis was an associate at the DC lobbying firm of Williams and Connolly and a law clerk for ultra liberal Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer.

Most notably, Kravis was a law clerk at the US Court of Appeals in DC for the left-wing DC swamp’s most celebrated and bitterly-aggrieved Supreme Court nominee fail in recent history, Judge Merrick Garland. One need not look further than the bleating lamentations that persist even to this day over how the big bad Republican Senate denied Judge Garland his rightful place on the high court, and how Supreme Court Justice Neal Gorsuch is an illegitimate justice in Garland’s place, to understand how deep the resentment and antipathy towards Republicans runs among Garland sycophants.

At Yale Law, Kravis was recruited to work for a terrorist detainee at Guantanamo Bay alongside his fellow Yale Law grad Neal Katyal, author of “Impeach: The Case Against Trump.” Katyal is also a regular MSNBC contributor, bashing President Trump every chance he gets.

Virginia defense attorney Jesse Binnall, who has faced off with Kravis in court, revealed the following about Mr. Kravis:

“I was opposite Jonathan Kravis on The Ron Paul Three case, which was the prosecution of three Ron Paul campaign aids in Iowa. It was a politically-driven prosecution targeting three Republican activists.

First, Kravis and his partner violated an immunity agreement -a proffer agreement- they signed with a co-defendant in that case, and the judge dismissed the codefendant’s case based on prosecutorial misconduct.

Then, Kravis hid exculpatory and impeachment information from my client, Dimitri Kesari.

Kravis’ team later violated my client’s attorney-client confidentiality, obtaining text message communications between Kessari and me, shockingly producing the conversations to another co-defendant in the case!”

“Kravis is very calculating. He is a former Obama White House lawyer and I think he came to the DOJ with a political agenda. In fact, I think he’s an angry Democrat who can’t stop abusing his power as a prosecutor. It’s good that he has left government”

It is absolutely ludicrous to think that Kravis is, or ever was, some holy prosecutorial paragon, uninfected professionally by his deep-seated bias against Donald Trump, his fealty to his former employer Obama or his sheer communion with nothing but establishment leftist Beltway lawyers.

Reinforcing that Kravis is nothing more than a partisan legal thug is the scathing editorial rant he published on May 11, 2019 in (what else) The Washington Post. With utmost pontifical pretense, Kravis rails with rage over having his sadistic sentencing recommendation shot down and has similar conniptions over the DOJ’s wise and just decision to end his creepy cronies’ persecution of General Michael Flynn.

Finally, in highest of high dudgeon, this partisan leftist ambulance chaser slams AG Bill Barr for daring to correct grotesque prosecutorial abuses of the sort that Kravis probably pats himself on the back for regularly committing.

To call Kravis’s screed a load of sanctimonious self-serving twaddle from an intrinsically-deceitful rage-oholic thug would be an insult to both twaddle and thugs.

Kravis’s deceits in this op-ed catastrophe are as brazen as they were in the courtroom and in the pleadings in U.S. v. Stone. The departure of this misanthrope from the DOJ was the best thing that has happened to that agency since Bill Barr arrived as AG. Good riddance to this dangerous, destructive menace of a lawyer.

Next up we have former leftist writer at Huffington Post and hand-picked Mueller zealot Aaron Zelinsky – Yale Law ‘10.

Zelinsky was picked up for the Mueller operation from his job at the U.S. Attorney’s Office for Maryland, in Baltimore, where he had worked previously under Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General who appointed Mueller as Special Counsel. Previously, Zelinsky worked in the Obama administration under Hillary Clinton, in the State Department’s Office of Legal Adviser. He also clerked for Justices John Paul Stevens and Anthony Kennedy.

Everywhere he has been entrusted with power, Zelinsky has unfailingly proven himself to be a manipulative thug and a deceitful hypocrite.

With his Special Counsel cohorts Jeannie Rhee and Andrew Goldstein, Zelinsky reportedly lied to a U.S. District Court in a signed sentencing memorandum submitted in the case of Mueller target George Papadoplous. His filing in federal court portrayed Papadopolous as having harmed the government’s investigation, when the exact opposite was true.

Lee Smith of Justthenews.com explains:

According to the sentencing memo signed by Zelinsky and fellow Mueller prosecutors Jeannie Rhee and Andrew Goldstein: Papadopoulos’ “lies undermined investigators’ ability to challenge the Professor or potentially detain or arrest him while he was still in the United States. The government understands that the Professor left the United States on February 11, 2017 and he has not returned to the United States since then.

But FBI 302 reports detailing agents’ interviews with Papadopoulos show that he had in fact supplied information that would have enabled investigators to challenge or potentially detain or arrest Mifsud while he was in the United States.

Similarly in my own case, the initial sentencing memorandum Zelinsky filed also contained numerous factual claims that were either false or not in evidence. Mimicking Jonathan Kravis’s closing argument falsehoods, Zelinsky’s memo repeatedly made the false claim that Jerome Corsi was the “real intermediary” with Wikileaks to whom I referred during the 2016 election.

No evidence exists anywhere that Jerome Corsi ever had any contact whatsoever with either Wikileaks or Julian Assange. Corsi denies ever having such contact, and I never claimed at any time that Corsi was my intermediary. Despite their using Corsi repeatedly, in absentia, as supposed proof of the falsity of my testimony to the House Intelligence Committee naming Randy Credico as my intermediary, the government never called Corsi at trial.

In his book “Silent No More: How I Became a Political Prisoner of Mueller’s Witch Hunt”, Corsi goes into extensive detail about Zelinsky’s bully tactics in interrogating him for dozens of hours about his relationship and work with me, in the offices of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, teamed up with Mueller attorneys Jeannie Rhee and Andrew Goldstein.

Corsi was so shaken by his treatment at the hands of these ruthless Special Counsel lawyers, that in the conclusion of his book he wrote: “Make no mistake, Rhee, Zelinsky, and Goldstein are Deep State criminals.”

In the first published draft of the book, Corsi went even further about Zelinsky, in particular, in such harsh terms that the comment was edited out of the final versions.

In Chapter 11, pages 15-16, of the first published version Corsi wrote [Emphasis added]:

When Zelinsky was lecturing me, I couldn’t help thinking back to my first conversation meeting him — when he explained to me that his grandparents had both escaped Auschwitz. As I mentioned earlier, I have been to Auschwitz twice, and the experiences there changed my life. I came to understand the horror human beings are capable of imposing on other human beings, that “humans are the wolf to humans,” as the saying goes. I wondered how Zelinsky’s grandparents would feel realizing they survived Auschwitz to produce a grandson who aspired to become the vanguard for Mueller’s American version of the Gestapo.

Finally we have Jeannie Rhee – Yale Law ‘97, who was not a trial counsel in U.S. v Stone, but was a prime mover behind the relentless probing of every molecule of my existence for well over a year, and my eventual indictment, engineered out of misleading cherry-picked grand jury testimony.

Rhee is without question the most flagrantly-conflicted attorney associated with my case.

Before joining the Mueller lynch mob, Rhee was a lawyer for Obama in the DOJ’s Office of Legal Counsel. She was also a partner at the law firm WilmerHale, which is also home to a number of Obama and Clinton lawfare specialists who pursued harassment lawsuits against Donald Trump and his supporters. Rhee represented The Clinton Foundation in a 2015 racketeering case, former Obama National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes, and Hillary Clinton personally in a lawsuit over her private emails in 2015.

Rhee personally donated over $5,000 to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, and almost $5,000 to Barack Obama’s campaigns and related funds in both 2008 and 2011.

Rhee was one of three Mueller bullies who relentlessly interrogated Jerome Corsi at the Special Counsel star chamber in D.C. about subject matter involving Wikileaks and its activities releasing leaked emails from the DNC and key players in the 2016 campaign of her former client, Hillary Clinton. [NOTE: Rhee also interrogated one of the authors of this editorial, prior to his testifying to the Mueller grand jury.]

It’s unfathomable the extent of ethical misconduct required for Mueller and his minions to simply ignore Ms. Rhee’s representation of Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and Obama NSA mouthpiece Ben Rhodes to make her a primary prosecutorial vigilante against me.

That these same people, without missing a beat, could purport to be acting in the public interest as legitimate, impartial law enforcement officials and vindicators of justice (versus slavishly serving their own narrow cultish partisan allegiances as corrupt prosecutorial poseurs) reveals, in truly chilling terms, the arrogant megalomania and malignancy of character that animates their every move.

There is not sufficient space to delineate all of the prosecutorial deceits and disinformation packed into the initial sentencing memorandum filed as a result of the Kravis-Zelinsky connivances, deceiving DOJ officials and bullying a newly-appointed U.S. Attorney.

It is worth noting that this outrageous memorandum was never, in fact, withdrawn but only supplemented by the subsequent memo containing sentencing recommendations not motivated by spiteful partisan malice. As a result, the judge took both memoranda into consideration in her deliberations.

The narrowly-tailored nature of the DOJ’s effort to mitigate the Kravis-Zelinsky zealotry serves to debunk the false accusations manufactured against Barr of somehow meddling in my case to secure favorable treatment. Had it been true that Barr improperly intervened in order to undercut these rogue prosecutors, surely their over-the-top memo would have been withdrawn entirely.

There is one particularly-egregious deceit, though, from the Mueller goons’ memorandum that we must expose. It is lead goon Zelinsky’s misappropriation of a phrase cherry-picked from Federalist 68, cheaply misquoting Hamilton to fit the prosecution’s fictional case narrative.

“Foreign election interference is the ‘most deadly adversar[y] of republican government,’” proclaimed the Obama-Clinton avengers on the prosecution team. To be clear there was never any evidence that I was involved in any way with foreign interference in the 2016 election, and I was not charged or convicted of anything related to this smear. Nonetheless, it is included in the original sentencing memo recommending a 7- to 9-year prison term for me.

Federalist 68 does not say this at all, but rather that “cabal, intrigue, and corruption” are the adversaries of republican government and that they arise from more than one source, though “chiefly from the desire in foreign powers to gain an improper ascendant in our councils.”

Undoubtedly, Hamilton also believed that one of the other sources of deadly “cabal, intrigue and corruption” was the malignant insinuation of abusive partisan pretenders to justice into those most powerful instrumentalities of state entrusted with the disinterested, impartial enforcement of statutes, particularly those resulting in the denial of life, liberty or property.

As to “foreign election interference,” there is no dispute it is a pernicious evil that must never be tolerated.

And when Mueller’s lynch mob, or anyone else in our government, produces so much as a scintilla of credible evidence (rather than vague “intelligence assessments” and their own contrived legal pleadings) to prove this occurred at the hands of anyone even remotely associated with Donald Trump, we should all support every effort to root out and deal with its culprits.

But the plain truth is that they have never done so.

As revelation after revelation cascade into public view and the Great Wall of Obama-Clinton Lies begins its ignominious, long-overdue implosion, the American people are finally seeing the shocking extent of manipulation that was business-as-usual in the Obama White House.

We now know that Obama oversaw an espionage operation against the election campaign of his most prominent detractor and presidential nominee of the opposition party.

We now know that Obama tacitly, if not explicitly, allowed his minions’ political espionage activities to be migrated from the context of a presidential election contest, targeting the opposition party candidate’s campaign, to that of a presidential transition process, targeting the president-elect’s top national security appointee.

And this was just the beginning. The shockingly-casual intelligence unmasking of a U.S. Army general, named incoming National Security Adviser, dozens of times, by power-crazed Obama apparatchiks was but a prelude to what was in store from the larger network of ruthless malcontented cultists from the Obama-Clinton axis of imperial Beltway power, including federal law enforcement officials at the highest levels.

The more prescient of these criminal usurpers saw the writing on the wall many months before Donald J. Trump achieved his stunning election victory in November 2016. By the time Trump won the presidency, demolishing the best laid schemes and longing ambitions of so many self-anointed Beltway masterminds, the smart money (or at least those with the most to lose if Trump happened to win) had already begun peddling the Trump-Russia collusion hoax.

This maliciously-contrived fiction, carefully bolstered by conveniently staged one-off interactions during the election with Russian nationals that were then used against key Trump advisers as proof of “Russian collusion,” was the seed that spawned a relentless partisan smear campaign against Donald Trump and his presidency that has lasted nearly four years.

This vicious lie, concocted by smear merchants at the intersection of America’s radical authoritarian left and an entrenched would-be ruling establishment between DC and NYC (the ‘deep state’), enabled an Obama-Clinton shadow government, of sorts, and its copacetic propaganda juggernaut posing as “news media” to:

  • Manufacture and promote conspiracy theories to portray routine (and completely-legal) political opposition activities as some sort of grandiose criminal plot
  • Spy on, record, leak and publish some of the most sensitive internal deliberations and interactions of a sitting U.S. president, including exchanges with foreign heads-of-state and diplomats
  • Conspire among ulterior-motivated low-level appointees and bureaucratic holdovers from prior administrations whose allegiances are, at best, dubious, to undermine Donald Trump and his presidency from within and, if possible, manufacture false pretexts to remove Trump from office
  • Fabricate and recycle defamatory fake news of any sort that could be used to scandalize or otherwise denigrate Donald Trump and anyone connected with him or his administration
  • Use sensitive congressional committees to conduct prolonged, baseless, star chamber-type sham “investigations” with secretive interrogations of Trump allies, associates and family members, routinely leaked by Democrat committee members in violation of congressional committee rules so as to harm the president or those who testified, while ensuring the entire farce was promoted and sensationalized by a reliable cast of anti-Trump propagandists in media
  • Abuse federal courts to wage lawfare against the president and his allies in the form of legally and factually groundless harassment lawsuits filed by a network of former Obama administration and Clinton-connected attorneys, acting behind dubious front groups thinly-veiled as public interest non-profits
  • Neutralize the U.S. Attorney General from counteracting and arresting a seditious scheme being perpetrated against the President of the United States within the Department of Justice by criminally-manipulative senior law enforcement officials
  • Create and assemble within the Department of Justice an effectively-unaccountable rogue legal hit squad, under the false pretense of a “Special Counsel”, primarily-composed of revolving-door partisan lawyers either formerly employed by or otherwise closely-connected to the Obama or Clinton administrations or their extended networks of government-embedded political loyalists
  • Operate this “Special Counsel” over a period of years as a secretive gestapo-like inquisition, maliciously targeting President Trump and a disparate group cherry-picked from only his non-government-employed political supporters for abusive, high-profile, maximum-damage political persecutions, deceitfully portrayed and endlessly promoted as legitimate politically-unbiased criminal law enforcement actions
  • Impeach the President of the United States in a kangaroo-court grade political spectacle conducted by adversarial partisan zealots absurdly posing as “investigators” and “prosecutors”, charging the president with literally-invented political offenses – yet not a single crime of even the pettiest sort
  • Put the president on trial for the contrived offenses, using as “evidence” nothing more than speculation and opinion testimony elicited largely from disgruntled former underlings [most notably, a hostile Obama-embedded partisan subversive on the National Security Council staff who abusively-exploited highly-privileged access to sensitive presidential communications, by virtue of being a commissioned military officer, to manipulate and ultimately divulge material to the president’s most ruthless partisan adversaries using the shamelessly-counterfeit cover of being a “whistleblower”].

As far down the road as the Obama-Clinton junta went with these complicated ruses and manufactured scandals, they can’t have actually believed they could succeed in removing Donald Trump from office. The coup plotters may be sneaky and deceitful-beyond-belief, but they are not stupid. They know, as well as the rest of the world does, that their histrionic allegations and endless breathless umbrage are unserious hokum intended to create political theater, at best.

So why then all of the nonstop hysterics and exaggerated alarmism? What good are all these distractions if they know they can’t succeed in removing Trump?

The answer is right in the question itself … distraction.

The daily torrent of petty and fruitless, but no less malicious, distractions conjured up by Democrat partisans have served to cover up and suppress scrutiny of the seditious high crimes and lawless corruption of the Obama junta.

As the saying goes, the best defense is a good offense. The operators in the Obama-Clinton Democrat axis of evil are nothing if not masters at projecting their own wrongdoings onto their opponents. They also know that the media’s curiosity about scandal only materializes if the subjects are Republicans.

But being arrogant egotists, they underestimate Donald Trump and his allies, and overestimate how much their own limitless capacity for dishonesty can sustain a totally-false reality they have created, when the truth is so much less byzantine. After years of Democrat lies, the truth finally has its boots on, and just in time for the all-important 2020 election.

Now the dirty cops, the sneaky intelligence communitarians and the corrupt Obama-Clinton political hucksters who orchestrated a sedition plot against President Donald Trump are increasingly panic-stricken at the prospect of his re-election.

No matter how many red herrings, hoaxes, distractions and defamations the Obama protection cult has managed to churn out over the last four years, the truth is finally becoming crystal clear about who is responsible for sowing all of the chaotic division and acrimony that have acutely plagued our body politic for the last four years; about whose grandiose designs have been the impetus for so much cheap political gamesmanship and costly pursuit of fraudulent investigations; and whose corrupt political mafia stands to lose the most if the Trump presidency continues to succeed beyond all expectations.

It is Barack Hussein Obama who empowered his slippery spy chiefs and his arrogant, egomaniacal law enforcement honchos to convert our government’s most powerful agencies and their most dangerous tools into offensive weapons to begin waging asymmetrical partisan warfare against the one man, and his small but intense cadre of loyalists, who managed in spite of it all to so brilliantly expose and thoroughly debunk the hypnotic mass myth of the radical left’s political messiah and his diabolical disciples.

For the last four years, degenerate Obama-Clinton power cultists have inflicted on this nation, its citizenry and our government nothing less than an unprecedented, systematic campaign of subversion, targeting an entire U.S. presidency for destruction while subjecting our rightfully-elected president to an attempted coup d’etat.

In committing these vile deeds against our country, this malignant basket of deplorables very much represents the same pernicious historical forces, burrowed into our government for almost a century now, that did this to John F. Kennedy, to Richard M. Nixon and tried to do it to Ronald Reagan. Donald J. Trump, who has so much in common with these three of his predecessors, has merely become their latest quarry.

It is high time now that the truth, with its boots finally on, brings these real perpetrators to real justice.

Tyler Nixon is an attorney admitted to the State Bar of California and a graduate of Georgetown University and the University of Virginia School of Law.