Lady Gaga Goes After Trump For Being ‘Racist,’ Says He Has ‘Failed’ Americans

(VINCENZO PINTO/AFP via Getty Images)

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Actress Lady Gaga called out President Donald Trump for being “racist” and a “fool.”

Gaga made her statement Sunday on Instagram following continued protests and riots over the death of George Floyd, who was killed while in custody of the Minneapolis Police Department.

“I have a lot of things to say about this, but the first thing I want to say is I’m afraid to say anything that will incite further anger, although that is precisely the emotion that’s justified,” Gaga began her statement. “I do not wish to contribute to more violence, I wish to contribute to a solution.

“I am as outraged by the death of George Floyd as I have been by the deaths of exponentially too many black lives over hundreds of years that have been taken from us in this country as a result of systemic racism and the corrupt systems that support it,” she added. (RELATED: Emily Ratajkowski, Ariana Grande, Other Celebrities Join George Floyd Protests Over The Weekend)

Gaga went on to accuse Trump of “fueling a system” that is “rooted in racism.”

“We have known for a long time that President Trump has failed,” Gaga said. “He holds the most powerful office in the world, yet offers nothing but ignorance and prejudice while black lives continue to be taken. We have known he is a fool, and a racist, since he took office. He is fueling a system that is already rooted in racism, and racist activity, and we can all see what is happening. It’s time for a change.”

Gaga’s comments come after Floyd’s death sparked protests and riots across American cities starting Wednesday and continuing through the weekend.