‘He Is My President’: Donna Brazile Calls On Trump To Step Up And ‘Lead Us Into This Tomorrow’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News contributor and life-long Democrat Donna Brazile said Monday that she was calling on President Donald Trump to step up and lead America.

Brazile made an appearance on “America’s Newsroom” to discuss a full weekend of protests escalating into riots, vandalism and looting as the sun went down. (RELATED: ‘An Oval Office Address Is Not Going To Stop Antifa’: Kayleigh McEnany Responds To Riots)


“What do you want to hear from the president?” Host Ed Henry asked, noting that a number of people had called for President Donald Trump to address the nation in the wake of the rioting. “What should he do in days ahead that you think will help us heal?”

“He’s my president, Ed. And it doesn’t matter who I voted for. He’s my president,” Brazile began. “Just like Barack Obama, George Bush, I can go all the way back to John F. Kennedy when I was born in the segregated south, he’s my president, and because he holds an office that we all hold in high esteem.”

Brazile went on to call on President Trump to filter out “the noise” and focus on what’s important in order to bring Americans together and allow for healing.

“Speak to our pain, speak to the promise that this country has for all of us, Mr. President,” Brazile continued. “Don’t even focus on what the people who disregard you might be saying. I think at times, this president takes it all in the chest. Don’t take it in the chest, Mr. President. Lead, lead us into this tomorrow that we were all promised, Mr. President, and disregard the noise. Talk about the hope and the promise. Mr. President, you are bigger than this. Come to this moment with faith in our future, and I do believe he can speak to all of us.”

Brazile concluded by turning that call to all leaders, whether Democrat or Republican, to work toward unity rather than division.

“Ed, whether you are a Democratic leader, Republican leader, we have to speak out and speak in ways that heal, that unify, that bring us together, and that’s how this ends. And remember, all of us — we all have a duty to check our own, our own consciousness during this moment,” she said.