Sharon Stone Shares Bizarre Video About How To Create Safe Room Following Riots

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Sharon Stone posted a bizarre video on Instagram detailing how to pick and create a safe room amid riots following George Floyd’s death.

“Hello people,” the 62-year-old actress explained in lengthy video Monday on social media. The comments were noted by Toofab.com. (RELATED: Minneapolis 3rd Police Precinct On Fire After Officers Evacuate Building Amid George Floyd Riots)

“Okay, so we’re in the middle of a riot,” she added. “And if you are anywhere where you feel unsafe in your home, this is what I want you to do. We’re going to make a safe room for you.”(RELATED: Video Surfaces Of Police Officer With Knee On Man’s Throat, Man Later Died)


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Stone continued, while noting the “safest bet that you have might be your bathroom because you have maybe the least windows or you’re the most tucked in there. And if that’s the case, the least windows and the place that you could lock yourself in the most.”

The “Basic Instinct” star then explained that if a person did choose a bathroom for their safe room they would want to put “some blankets and pillows in the tub in case you’re going to need to sleep there.”

“If you feel like you might get broken into or you have nowhere else to go, especially if you’re trying to self-quarantine and you want to take a cooler, you want to put water in there and a few, you know, non-perishable things that you can eat, some fruit or some protein bars and you want to put your cell phone or your computer chargers in there and your computer, your extra cell phone,” she added.

She went on to explain how you will also “want to board up the window” that is in that room.

“If you’re in a rioting area or an area that is locking down because they fear for rioting,” the actress explained. “So this is what you do.”

“You make a safe place for yourself,” she added before explaining “Don’t panic” and then suggested if a person thinks they might panic to “take any panic medications or anything that you would like to have in there and just have that place prepared for you or you and your family. Okay. All right.”

Stone concluded her video and said “stay safe. Don’t be overreactive this will come and go like all things do. Okay. Alright.”

The comments came following a weekend of riots across the country following Floyd’s death, who died while in the Minneapolis Police Department’s custody.