Whoopi Goldberg To Rioters: ‘If You Burn Everything Down,’ We ‘Still Have To Come Up With A Solution’


Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Whoopi Goldberg shared a message with rioters and said “if you burn everything down” we “still have to come up with a solution” following the death of George Floyd.

“If you burn everything down and tear everything down, we still have to come up with a solution to how to make sure we never have to watch another black man being murdered on television,” the 64-year-old co-host of the ABC talk show “The View” shared in an Instagram video Sunday with her million followers in response to the death of Floyd. (RELATED: Joy Behar: Female Trump Voters Don’t Know The Difference Between A Predator And A Protector)

“How do we get rid of that?” she added. “Because burning stuff doesn’t seem to be the answer, you know. I looked at what was happening in Los Angeles and I kept thinking, doesn’t anybody realize that some family saved up all their money to open up a nail shop?”



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Goldberg continued, while she noted now that the shop is “burnt to the ground or it’s empty or destroyed. You know they’ve been closed for what, nine, ten weeks so the possibility of them being able to come back and go to work is probably gone.”(RELATED: Meghan McCain Blasts Trump At John McCain’s Funeral)

The actress went on to state that she sees all the riots and wonders “what is the end game here?’

“Because I don’t think this is what George Floyd would’ve wanted,” Goldberg shared and asked if anyone has reached out to the man’s family and ask them “what they needed people to do and how they needed people to respond?”

“I got to tell ya, after you do all this, what’s the next step,” she added, before saying, “because this doesn’t help anybody.”

Whoopi continued her video, stating flat out, “Guys this is not the answer. This is not the answer. We need to sit down and take a step back.”

The “Ghost” star went on and suggested that President Donald Trump was “stirring the pot quite a bit,” without naming him specifically only as the “person in the White House.”

“I think personally, everybody should stop and take a beat,” she added. “And figure out what is the end game. What is it we are trying to do. Because I tell ya, more nights with scared children is not a good night.”

Goldberg concluded her post while stating how she believes in her heart that all the officers involved in Floyd’s death are “going down for murder,” before asking again, “what is the end game.”

The comments came following a weekend of protests and riots across the country in places like Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Minneapolis and many more cities across the country.