Brit Hume Condemns Joe Biden’s Speech On George Floyd Protests And ‘Black Grievance Politics’

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Fox News analyst Brit Hume condemned the “black grievance politics” expressed by presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and other Democrats.

As riots rip U.S. cities apart in the wake of George Floyd’s death while in Minneapolis Police Department custody, Fox News host Tucker Carlson asked Hume on Tuesday night’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” about whether or not “normal politics and a normal media” can resume after things settle down.

Hume contended that America hasn’t “had a normal media for years now.”


Arguing that the Democratic Party has moved so far left that “now it is truly out there where the buses don’t run,” Hume cited Biden’s Tuesday speech as “a perfect example” with only “two sentences” that “expressed disapproval” of the lawlessness.

“All of the rest of it was the same grievance, black grievance politics we have been hearing for decades now,” he said. “It was absolute boilerplate dressed up in some well-done rhetoric.”

Judging by the speech, Hume contended that one “would never know” that civil rights legislation had ever passed or that “countless blacks” have “moved into the middle class.”

“We would never know any of that, that racial progress has been extraordinary in this country,” said Hume. “Has any country on earth ever tried harder to right the racial wrongs than this country has? If it has I would like to know which it is because I don’t know that is the case. We have fought a civil war to unbelievable bloodshed and lives were given to end slavery, people have shed blood since then. We have tried very hard as a nation.” (RELATED: Things Got Heated On ‘The Breakfast Club’ When Rush Limbaugh Called ‘White Privilege’ A ‘Liberal Political Construct’)

Hume decried the fact that what once had Americans “totally united,” the injustice of Floyd’s death, had given way to the “hideous scenes of destruction” taking place now.