Nick Foles Says Sports Prove What’s Possible When Race Doesn’t Matter

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Chicago Bears quarterback Nick Foles recently had some great thoughts about the importance of sports in America.

Amid mass civil unrest around America after the death of George Floyd, more and more people have started speaking up and sharing their feelings. The Super Bowl champion released a statement Monday night and had some powerful thoughts about why sports are important. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Foles wrote the following in part about his feelings on the situation:

Sports show us what is possible when we stop looking at the difference in skin color and look at the heart of an individual. Christ tells us to love our neighbor. No matter how they look or what their color of skin is we are to genuinely love one another. Football shows that this is possible and it is truly a beautiful thing when it is from the heart.

You can read his full statement below.

I couldn’t agree more if I tried. I have always said that sports are a true melting pot. I’ve always argued that sports bring people together more than anything else.

Whether it’s a football field, basketball court or hockey rink, the only thing that matters is winning. Your race, economic background, religion and everything else washes away during competition.

All that matters is getting the job done and executing the goals with your teammates.

That’s simply the reality of the situation, and anyone who has played sports knows I’m 100% correct and so is Foles.

I’ve had the opportunity to experience sports at a very high level. I’ve met people from all different backgrounds in locker rooms. I’ve met the children of some of the wealthiest Americans and young men who grew up with nothing.

In the locker room, none of it matters outside of getting the job done.


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Hopefully, people will listen to Foles’ words and learn from them. America would be in a much better place if we all mirrored the world of sports a bit more.