Study Suggests Couples Who Haven’t Quarantined Together Should Wear Face Masks When Having Sex

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Couples who haven’t been quarantining together during the coronavirus outbreak should wear face masks when having sex, a new study suggests.

The study from researchers at Harvard University recommended that couples who hook up during the pandemic should, among other things, avoid having sex without wearing some kind of face covering as they could otherwise put themselves at a higher risk for spreading or contracting COVID-19.

The results were noted by the New York Post in a piece published Tuesday. (RELATED: Bob Iger Defends Marvel Franchise After Famous Directors Called Them ‘Despicable’)

According to the report:

The research, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, ranked frisky situations based on how likely it is to catch coronavirus while in the act. Researchers recommend wearing a mask for the riskiest sexual scenario: Sex with people other than those with whom one is quarantined.

And wearing a mask is only the beginning. The study found that a person should also avoid kissing, any oral-to-anal act and anything that involves semen or urine. (RELATED: REPORT: Coachella Potentially Rescheduled To October Due To Coronavirus Fears)

And these recommendations apply to people who are quarantined together as well, as your partner might become exposed to the virus during errands, though the risk factor is lower.

The study showed that the safest thing is to simply abstain from having any sex at all, which is “low risk for infection, though not feasible for many,” or opt for masturbation.

The research also suggested that if you do have sex during the pandemic, you should shower both before and after having sex and clean pertinent areas with wipes and alcohol.