Governor DeSantis Sending Florida National Guard To Help With D.C. Protests

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Wednesday that he’s going to send 500 troops from the Florida National Guard to Washington, D.C. to help handle the protests, The Hill reported. 

The governor’s announcement comes after thousands of National Guard troops were deployed in the nation’s capital earlier this week. Nationwide protests against the death of George Floyd turned violent in many places, including D.C. Fires were set across the city Sunday night, including at the historic St. John’s Church, and looters targeted businesses in the midst of the chaos. (RELATED: Rioters Chase, Threaten Daily Caller News Foundation Reporter Through The Streets Of DC)

Several states have already sent troops to D.C. As of Monday, troops had arrived from Utah and New Jersey, and defense officials said Tuesday that they were expecting troops from Indiana, South Carolina and Tennessee, according to the Washington Post

DeSantis’ decision follows relatively quiet nights of protest in D.C. United States Attorney General Bill Barr said in a statement Tuesday that “last night was a more peaceful night in the District of Columbia.”

President Donald Trump has repeatedly praised the use of the National Guard to quell the riots. 

“I can’t stand back & watch this happen to a great American City, Minneapolis. A total lack of leadership,” Trump said in a tweet Friday. “Either the very weak Radical Left Mayor, Jacob Frey, get his act together and bring the City under control, or I will send in the National Guard & get the job done right…” 

Wednesday morning, the president said “the National Guard is ready” in response to a post on Twitter showing the destruction in New York City.