‘No Thanks To You’: Greg Gutfeld Invokes David Dorn Killing To Blast Chris Cuomo’s Defense Of Non-Peaceful Protests

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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld blasted CNN host Chris Cuomo’s comments about non-peaceful protests by referring to the death of David Dorn.

Dorn, a 77-year-old retired St. Louis, Missouri police captain, was shot dead Tuesday night outside of a pawn shop he was defending from looters.

Cuomo on Tuesday wondered on-air whether “protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful.”

During a Wednesday monologue on “The Five,” Gutfeld referred to Cuomo’s comments as an example of what’s gone wrong with media coverage of riots sparked by the death of George Floyd.


“Black lives matter, but not to looters, rioters and agitators,” Gutfeld said before playing a clip of Dorn’s family. “Shall we blame this on systemic racism? Who shot him? Who knows? A stranger? Maybe Seth Roger or Patton Oswalt already bailed him out.”

“The fact is, fealty to the mob begets only more of the mob,” the Fox News host continued. “Redefining blood lust as justified leads to death. And not just Mr. Dorn’s, but a country’s, too. Yesterday was blackout Tuesday when virtue-signallers set their instagrams to all black to support the protests. What an analogy for the media. The media blacks out the violence to hide their culpability, which protects incompetent leaders and criminals and an army of cowardly journalists. Their job? Keep the chaos on endless repeat.” (RELATED: Brit Hume Condemns ‘Black Grievance Politics’: No Country Has ‘Ever Tried Harder To Right The Racial Wrongs’)

After playing the clip of Cuomo’s remarks, Gutfeld said, “No thanks to you. As cities are ravaged, he says protests don’t have to be peaceful. Chris, I invite you to meet me in my neighborhood to see what outrage created. The ravaged stores, the dead-eyed looks from people trying to salvage what is left of their lives. If only they could work in media and see the silver lining in their ruin. This is not a tranquil time. Thanks for the honesty, Chris.”