Philadelphia Inquirer Apologizes For Telling Protestors ‘Buildings Matter, Too’

(Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)

Anders Hagstrom White House Correspondent
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The Philadelphia Inquirer apologized for a headline riffing on the “Black Lives Matter” slogan to criticize rioters’ destruction of property Wednesday, saying they “deeply regret” the choice of words.

The Inquirer’s original headline read “Buildings Matter, Too,” which many readers and even the paper’s staff found offensive. The paper altered the headline and released a statement apologizing for it hours later.

“A headline published in Tuesday’s Inquirer was offensive, inappropriate, and we should not have printed it,” the statement read. “We deeply regret what we did. We also know that an apology on its own is not sufficient.”

“We need to do better. We’ve heard loud and clear, including from our own staff. We will. A detailed explanation of how we got this so wrong will follow later today,” the paper added.

The more in-depth explanation has yet to be released. (RELATED: Capitol Police Officers Take A Knee In Front Of Protesters, Are Met With Loud Applause)

The paper’s headline and apology come amid a national argument over the severity of protests and riots over the death of George Floyd, who died while in the custody of the Minneapolis Police Department.

Riots over Floyd’s death destroyed hundreds of businesses in Minneapolis alone, and hundreds more have been vandalized as unrest spread across the country.

Floyd’s family has come out to condemn violent protesters, saying his memory is tarnished when rioters destroy property and loot businesses in his name. (RELATED: ‘He Is My President’: Donna Brazile Calls On Trump To Step Up And ‘Lead Us Into This Tomorrow’)

“Hello. I understand that y’all are upset. But I doubt that y’all are half as upset as I am,” George’s brother, Terrence Floyd, said before a crowd Monday.”

“If I’m not over here messing up my community, then what are y’all doing? What are y’all doing? Y’all are doing nothing! Because that’s not going to bring my brother back at all. It may feel good for the moment, just like when you drink, but when it comes down, you’re going to wonder what you did.”