‘Bullies And Cowards And Marxists’: Former NFL Player Burgess Owens Blasts Drew Brees Critics

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Former NFL player Burgess Owens ripped critics of NFL quarterback Drew Brees who “disrespect” the American flag as “bullies and cowards and Marxists” during a Thursday night appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Brees garnered controversy this week when he said Wednesday that he would “never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America or our country,” but then bowed to criticism by apologizing for his statement the next day.


Calling Brees a “good man” who “gives back to his community,” Owens praised his initial statement as “spot on.”

“What you’re seeing here is exactly why President Trump will be reelected once again,” Owens said. “Americans don’t like bullies. They don’t like people who demand that we disrespect our flag, our country.”

“I’m disappointed of course that he retracted that, but at the same time every one of us have a certain part to play, and Drew’s part right now is to make sure he does what he can to unify that part of the country. Those who understand who he is, they know he’s not a not a racist and at the same time, people like myself, I will call these people out for who they are,” he continued. “They are bullies and cowards and Marxists. Period. And I’m one of those guys that will never, ever apologize for pride in my country.”

The former Super Bowl XV champion contended that he would continue to “always say all lives matter” regardless of what “the bullies say.”

“We need to understand that we are under attack and it is the evil of trying to destroy our middle class,” Owens said. “If you understand that, you understand what this is all about.”

Stating that he “lived in the middle class,” the former NFL player called those who want to destroy it “elitist,” like “the ones you see on TV blasting out Drew.” (RELATED: Tony Dungy Defends Drew Brees, Says Shutting Down People You Disagree With ‘Doesn’t Make Sense’)

“These guys are making 50 million a year, and they cannot stand and tell young people ‘This is how I did it. I was disciplined. I worked hard. I respected people and I paid the price.’ Instead they tell other people you can’t do it like I did because white people are not going to let you get it done,” he concluded. “These are Marxists. They are enemies to our nation, and in particular those black leaders are enemies to our race. And it’s time to stand up against these guys and say we will not be used anymore by you people.”