John James Releases New Ad In Wake Of George Floyd’s Death: ‘Politicians Will Never Solve These Problems’

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Republican Michigan Senate candidate John James is calling for “unity” in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

James released two new advertisements Thursday, calling Floyd’s death an act of “evil,” while condemning looters and rioters who have turned protests against racism and police brutality violent. (RELATED: 2020 Anxiety: Outside Groups Pour First Million Into Michigan)

James’ campaign told the Daily Caller that unity will be a key theme of his Senate run.

“This is a reflection of who John James is. He’s a unifier and a leader,” James’ campaign communications director Abby Walls told the Caller. “He’s willing to put himself on the line and take the critical first step to tackle the problems that face this country, no matter how tough.”

“The murder of George Floyd was an evil act of cowardice, and the looting and burning of our cities dishonors the cause of justice,” James said in one of the advertisements. “Politicians will never solve these problems. Only you and I can do that. No laws, no legislation can possibly change people’s hearts, but you and I can, and God certainly can.”

“I believe Americans want unity and leadership,” he continued.

James’ second advertisement pushed back on the notion that the U.S. is a divided country, arguing that Americans on all sides of the political spectrum were quick to condemn Floyd’s death.

“Cable news needs us to believe America is divided,” James said. “Everyone agrees that the murder of George Floyd was a cowardly act of evil, which demands justice. And everyone agrees that using Floyd’s death as an excuse to loot and burn is criminal.”

Protests have sprung up throughout the country over the past week after a video surfaced showing four Minnesota police officers pinning Floyd to the ground shortly before his death. All of the officers involved have been fired and charged in relation to Floyd’s death.

James is running against Democrat Gary Peters, who is one of just two Democratic senators up for re-election in a state President Donald Trump won four years ago.