Minnesota Residents Say They Found Threatening Notes After Putting Up ‘Black Lives Matter’ Signs

ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

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Several residents in Minnesota have allegedly found notes threatening them and their families for putting up “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) signs, CityPages reported Wednesday. 

The threats come in response to many people displaying the signs as a show of support for those protesting against the death of George Floyd, a black man who died when a police officer knelt on his neck for several minutes. Nationwide demonstrations have continued for several days.

Photos of the letters, which were found in the cities of Roseville and St. Paul, were posted to a community Facebook group for Falcon Heights, a city close by. According to the CityPages report, all the notes threatened to harm the residents if they didn’t take down their signs. (RELATED: Residents Of A New York Town Tell Peaceful Black Lives Matters Protesters To ‘Go West’ Towards More Diverse Neighborhood)

The first two photos show letters that are written in black ink, allegedly found in Roseville

“Your neighbors are sick of your riots and your SJW (Social Justice Warrior) sh-t,” one note read. “Your sign ‘bullsh-t matters’ comes down or you and your home will burn real quiet while you sleep in it!”

“In light of rioters with BLM signs [it] would be in the best [interest] of your [safety] to remove your sign because payback is coming,” the other said.

Photos of two other notes were posted in the Falcon Heights Facebook group, which were reportedly found in Minnesota’s capital city of St. Paul. The second set of notes was written in red ink, with handwriting and threats that appear similar to the first set. 

“Yeah we were here too. Take your SJW bullsh-t signs down or we burn you in your sleep! You motherf-ckers want a war you will get one,” the first says. 

“Your neighbors have grown sick of your f-cking riots and bullsh-t matters signs,” reads the second. “Remove them or we TORCH your home and cars real quiet with lighter fluid while you sleep! We have had enough!” 

Members of the Facebook group are remaining vigilant, keeping track of pickup trucks that have reportedly driven through the neighborhood without a license plate, according to CityPages

Erika Scheider of the Roseville Police Department says they have received three reports of threatening notes and are taking the matter “seriously,” CityPages reported. She said that they are “trying to find neighborhood surveillance footage.”