Reddit Thread Debates The Most Important Player In The History Of Your College Football Program

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Reddit is asking college football fans the most important player in the history of their respective programs.

The fun thread is generating a ton of interesting answers, and it has me doing some deep thinking about who I’d choose for Wisconsin. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Who is the single most important player in your school’s history? from CFB

Obviously, the Badgers have had some phenomenal running backs over the years. Our entire modus operandi has been teams that’ll grind you down, run the ball down your throat and limit mistakes on offense.

We’re a blue-collar state and our football team reflects that fact. Fans of the Badgers take a ton of pride in the fact our state mirrors who are as a people.

Yet, despite all of that being true, I simply couldn’t pick a running back. I had to go with Russell Wilson. I just had to.

The biggest knock against Wisconsin has always been that we never have great quarterbacks, and that even if we did, they could never succeed in our system.

Wilson changed all of that. He destroyed that perception. He balled out for the Badgers.

Unfortunately, we’ve never had a quarterback that’s ever come close to matching that level of play. However, we have recruited better.

Graham Mertz is on the roster, and he’s the best QB recruit we’ve ever had. Elite guys are now giving us the time of day, and we’ve proven we can win with mobility under center.

So, when it comes to a player who changed the perception/had the most impact, it’s an easy choice for me. It was absolutely Russell Wilson.