Armed Man Reportedly Drives Car Into Seattle Protesters, Shoots One


Alec Schemmel Contributor
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A man wielding a gun reportedly drove his car into a crowd of George Floyd protesters in Seattle Sunday evening, shooting one.

The victim, a 27-year-old male, is currently in stable condition at the hospital while the shooter was taken into police custody, according to the Seattle police and fire departments.

As the car blew through the crowd demonstrators began shouting, smashing its windows and attempted to bring it to a halt by throwing a metal panel in front of its path taken from a police barricade, according to the Seattle Times.

The shooting reportedly happened while the gunman was still in his car, per the Seattle Times. The man who was shot reportedly got hit as he reached through the driver’s window. (RELATED: Tucker Carlson Breaks Down Every Police Shooting Of Unarmed Black Suspects In 2019)

“I heard the gunshot go off in my arm. My whole thing was to protect those people down there,” the man who was shot said, according to Alex Garland, the Seattle Times reported.