Potential Biden VP Pick Val Demings Calls Proposal To Defund Police ‘Very Thoughtful’

Screenshot/CBS 6 Orlando

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Democratic Florida Rep. Val Demings said Monday that a proposal from the Minneapolis City Council to dismantle the city’s police department is “very thoughtful.”

“There are a lot of things being proposed throughout the nation, and I think it’s the direct result of people being hurt, disappointed at what happened to Mr. Floyd, that’s all too familiar to them, but also angry and demanding change,” Demings told CBS, referring to protests over the death of George Floyd. “I do believe that everyone has a right to look at any proposal that is put forth because there desperately needs to be change.”

A “veto-proof majority” of the Minneapolis City Council pledged Sunday to “dismantle” the city’s police department after four former police officers were charged in connection to Floyd’s death. (RELATED: Detroit Father Of 5 ‘Devastated’ After Riots Destroy His Home)

“I also believe that the council is being very thoughtful in terms of looking at all of the services that police provide,” Demings added. “I believe, the council along with law enforcement authorities and other community leaders will sit down and look at everything and come out with a plan that allows them to keep Minneapolis safe but also bring the community and the police together in a much needed and long overdue way.”


Demings previously served as chief of the Orlando Police Department and is considered one of the favorites to be selected as presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s running mate in the upcoming presidential election.
Calls to abolish police departments across the U.S. have grown in the wake of Floyd’s death, with activist groups such as Black Lives Matter and some celebrities supporting the idea. Former Hillary Clinton spokesperson Brian Fallon also tweeted his support last week for defunding police departments.