Jerry Nadler Losing A Wrestling Match To A Mask Might Be The Funniest Thing You See All Day

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It might be the most relatable coronavirus moment in politics today: Democratic New York Rep. Jerry Nadler tried to take off his face mask at a press conference Monday and it got hopelessly tangled up in his glasses.

Getting up to speak after a photo op at a combined House and Senate press conference about new police brutality legislation, a frustrated Nadler wrestled with his mask, eventually removing them both and putting his glasses back on to speak.

The short CSPAN segment was spotted and posted to Twitter by Caleb Hull:


Whatever your politics may be, it’s hard to be too tough on Nadler here. It could happen to any of us. When it does, however, at least we can be pretty sure it won’t be on CSPAN!

At the same event, Nadler also caught some social media flak for standing up while all the other attendees, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, kneeled. (RELATED: ‘No Scientific Evidence Whatsoever’: Tucker Blasts Logic Behind Los Angeles Mayor’s Mask Order)