Camping, Picnic Or Day On The Boat, This Versatile Cooler Will Keep It Fresh And Cool

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If the word “cooler” conjures up an image of steel-clad Colemans in your head, you are not alone. Coleman’s used to be one of the most popular cooler brands among outdoors-men, but in the modern era of American ingenuity, it didn’t take long for noted device-case-and-drybox maker OtterBox to enter the game. Founded in 1998, Otterbox is mainly known for their protective phone cases and their commitment to Colorado values and American consumers.

While Otterbox produces several cooler lines and product offering, their new Otterbox Trooper soft coolers creates a powerful mix of features, resembling a backpack in design, and built with a lightweight material that shows they kept hikers and avid campers in mind.

Introducing The Otterbox Trooper Series, offering both mobility and reliable cooling tech (Photo via Otterbox)

Introducing The Otterbox Trooper Series, offering both mobility and reliable cooling tech (Photo via Otterbox)

Learn more about Otterbox’s lifetime warranties and why many are trading their Coleman’s and Yetis for the new kid on the block! 

While in my experience as a camper and Eagle Scout, I would say mobility is the greatest benefit Otterbox offers to prospective customers (versus more traditional coolers), some research has revealed to me that many find the Trooper to edge out other coolers in both ice retention (and thus temperature retention), and organization of space (it has three divider slots for separating drinks, food, etc) as well.

This is important to note for several reasons, not the least of which is being able to actually use your cooler for a variety of purposes. I personally know several people who own separate coolers for their boat and for picnics, and this is always something that blows my mind given that coolers are certainly not cheap. But more importantly, if you are one of those people and your boat cooler is anything like mine…it loses its temperature retention in about two-three hours. Plus, a simple search of Amazon reveals that most coolers (especially lesser-known brands) are cheaply built in China with the cheapest plastics and metals that money can buy. Why settle for this when an American brand like Otterbox offers more versatility, similar pricing, and you can support american manufacturing instead of jobs for Chinese factories overseas.

Perfect for camping, hiking, boating, & more (Photo via Otterbox)

Perfect for camping, hiking, boating, & more (Photo via Otterbox)

Easy to pack and easier to tote, the Otterbox Trooper offers a rare mix of value and American quality craftsmanship 

Don’t just take my word for it, check out the Otterbox Trooper for yourself here, and you will probably come to the same conclusion: a robust cooler that offers both lightweight carrying and flexability and cooling tech that actually works isn’t just something you see everyday, and as a proud owner of Otterbox phone cases (they make really good ones) I’ve found the difference in quality you get with Otterbox versus their competitors in any space is worth every penny!

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