‘I Called For Help And This Is The Help That I Get’: Father Speaks Out After Claiming Son Was Shot For Pointing Pellet Gun At Officers


Nicholas Elias Contributor
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A father spoke out after he claimed his son was shot and killed by police officers for pointing a pellet gun at police Sunday.

Jeffrey McClure, 26, was shot and killed by police officers Sunday after he ignored police orders and climbed to the roof of his parent’s home in East Northport, New York and aimed a pellet gun at the police, according to News 12 Long Island. His father said that the police response was not appropriate. (RELATED: Video Shows Police Arresting Black Man For Dancing)

“No negotiating, they didn’t ask me or anything, they just shot and killed him. I called for help and this is the help that I get,” said McClure’s father to News 12 Long Island,”I think they did the wrong job. I mean why can’t they talk to people instead of killing them dead.”

McClure’s father told News 12 that he originally called 911 because he wanted his son to be taken to the hospital for psychiatric help. The father said his wife informed officers that the pellet gun Jeffrey was holding had no bullets.

The parents also stated that they did not hear Jeffrey said that he was going to shoot the officers, contrary to police reports per News 12 Long Island

A statement from the Suffolk County Police Department, obtained by News 12 Long Island, said “The Suffolk County Police Department expresses its sympathies to the McClure family.” The statement also said that Jeffrey pointed the gun at officers and threatened to shoot them. 

The McClures said that they will consider legal action against the Suffolk County Police Department, according to News 12 Long Island.