Green Bay Packers Send Ticket-Holders Masks, Team Says They’re ‘Preparing For A Range Of Contingencies’

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The Green Bay Packers have sent ticket-holders masks for the upcoming season.

Twitter user @Packerville tweeted a photo of two black masks with the Packers logo on them and a letter from the team ahead of the 2020 season. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

The letter from the Packers stated that the team is “preparing for a range of contingencies” as we near games starting during the coronavirus pandemic.

Interestingly, the letter didn’t actually say if games would happen for sure or if fans would even be allowed in. You can read the full letter below.

First off, this is obviously a neat move by the Packers to hook up their ticket holders with masks. It probably didn’t cost much money and it put a bunch of Packers masks into circulation.

Given the tough times people are going through right now, it seems like a nice gesture from the team.


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Secondly, and more importantly, the fact there were no concrete details on games in the fall is a little concerning.

I might be reading into this too much, but you’d think the Packers would have said games would certainly happen and fans could come if that was the case.

They mention the fact the masks can be used at games, but that’s not much at all.


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Hopefully, this is just me being pessimistic and reading into this way too much. However, this is still a very fluid situation.

Yes, we’re trending in the correct direction, but we’re far from out of the woods just yet with coronavirus. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that games happen as scheduled!

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