‘You Can’t Have A Culture War If One Side Refuses To Turn Up’: Mark Steyn Blasts Conservatives Giving In To Cancel Culture

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Conservative commentator Mark Steyn placed some blame on the current cancel culture trend on conservatives who “refuse to turn up” and fight the “culture war.”

Emerging from quarantine Wednesday in the U.K. to make his first televised appearance in several months on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Steyn reacted to Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s summary of the current state of affairs, with leftists “censoring movies, ripping down statues, [and] encouraging book burning.”

Steyn’s response aimed directly at the lack of opposition.

“Where are the people who will defend this?” Steyn asked. “You can’t have a culture war if one side refuses to turn up.”


“On the politics, on the looting, on the rioting, the Republican Party and conservatives have been largely silent, and similarly on the culture war the other side has been largely silent,” Steyn contended.

“If that’s not your take on the antebellum South, make your own movie, write your own novel, do your own play about the antebellum south, but don’t demand that things be abolished simply because they weren’t made with the peculiar narcissistic sensibilities of 2020 in mind,” he said of HBO’s decision to remove “Gone With The Wind” from its platform. (RELATED: Tucker Carlson Responds To The ‘Mob’: Racism Accusations Are ‘A Way To Control Disobedience’)

“We may be at the beginning of one of those dystopian tales where in a few years’ time, somebody stumbles across the last rusting videocassette recorder in the woods and there happens to be a tape of “Gone With The Wind” and they stick it in and they marvel at it because they’ve never seen this before,” he said. “This generation is a hypertense generation and unfortunately it’s determined to destroy everything it doesn’t understand which is quite a lot.”