Matthew McConaughey Talks About Race In America With Emmanuel Acho

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Emmanuel Acho recently had a talk with Matthew McConaughey about race in America.

Race in the USA has been a focal point for the past couple weeks following the death of George Floyd in Minnesota, and the aftermath. Riots and peaceful protests spread across the USA, and kneeling during the national anthem is once again a huge topic of debate. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

The Hollywood superstar sat down for a Tuesday video with Acho, and it was absolutely fascinating. Unsurprisingly, McConaughey and the Fox Sports star were able to have a conversation that wasn’t confrontational at all, and actually pretty engaging.

You can watch their incredibly civil discussion below.

No matter where your opinions fall on the issues facing this nation, I think we can all agree that we’d be a bit better off if we approached things civilly.

You can disagree or agree with everything or nothing Acho and McConaughey said in the video above. That’s your right as a free American.

However, they should be applauded for carrying on a conversation that wasn’t combative, hostile or painting races with broad strokes.

Also, why am I not surprised that Matthew McConaughey is going to likely play a major role in healing race relations?

First, he came out swinging against coronavirus and now he’s trying to help heal America. The dude literally does it all.


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Stay frosty, McConaughey! The world could use a bit more of his energy during these tough times.