Exclusive Footage From Inside Seattle’s ‘Autonomous Zone,’ Courtesy Of ‘South Park’

(Photo: YouTube Screenshot)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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“South Park” creators apparently had “access” to inside Seattle’s “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” in this episode from 2005 that seems to point out the craziness of such an idea.

In this clip from the hit animated show, titled “Die Hippie, Die”, we see the boys of “South Park” trying to figure out the point of a hippie fest and conclude that is basically just like a town, while the hippies smoke and seem to completely miss the point. (RELATED: The School Shooting Episode Of ‘South Park’ Was Outstanding. Here’s What Happened)

“Cartman sets up his own business offering a parasite removal service to his neighbors,” a description about the episode read. “In this case, the parasites involved are Hippies.” (RELATED: The New ‘South Park’ Episode Is About Amazon. Watch The Hilarious Preview Here)


“Yeah, We’ll have like one guy who bakes bread, and one guy looks out for each other’s safety,” one of the hippies explained.”You mean a baker and a cop?” Stan Marsh, voiced by creator Trey Parker, replied.

“No no, a place where people provide services for each other in exchange for their services,” another hippie remarked.

“Yeah. It’s called a town,” Kyle Broflovski, voiced by creator Matt Stone, explained.

Protesters have recently taken over several blocks of Seattle and are calling it the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,” after police abandon their precinct, per the New York Times in a piece published Thursday.

“This space is now property of the Seattle people,” a banner on the front entrance of the now-empty pd station read.

According to the report:

One block had a designated smoking area. Another had a medic station. At the “No Cop Co-op,” people could pick up a free LaCroix sparkling water or a snack. No currency was accepted, but across the street, in a nod to capitalism, a bustling stand was selling $6 hot dogs. It was dealing in U.S. dollars.

Those “South Park” creators are always way ahead of the times.