WELSH: The Democrat Party’s Newest Cause Célèbre — Defunding The Police

(JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images)

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The anti-police sentiment being pushed by the Democrat Party is dangerous and should concern all Americans regardless of one’s partisan political persuasions.

The left’s latest radical policy proposal to defund and dismantle law enforcement — an idea embraced by liberal city governments across America — is being put into action as increasingly radical leftist politicians, and their liberal donors, to try to capitalize on the tragic murder of George Floyd.

The Democrat Minneapolis city council announced Sunday — with a veto-proof majority — it’s decision to defund and dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department.

“Decades of police reform efforts have proved that the Minneapolis Police Department cannot be reformed and will never be accountable for its actions,” the nine city council members said in statement laying the totality of the blame on the men and women in uniform.

Never one to allow a crisis to go to waste, Democrat nominee for President Joe Biden is stoking the flames of discontent through increasingly anti-police, racially charged rhetoric.

While President Trump — an ally to peaceful protestors — made it clear that law and order will be upheld on America’s streets, Biden went straight to identity politics and criticized all police officers.

By vowing to immediately dismantle the police department, the city council is abdicating its responsibility to protect the community in exchange for the fleeting approval of the radical-left and its liberal donors.

Knowing a vast majority of the American people would never support such a measure, Joe Biden still waited 24 hours to say he doesn’t support defunding police, while showing no restraint when criticizing police officers.

Biden has capitulated to the radical left as he tries to hide his disastrous Senate career that ushered in mass incarceration and crime laws that unfairly targeted young Black men.

By indiscriminately defunding and dismantling the current public safety force that serves and protects everyone in the community — particularly the most vulnerable — the Democrat-controlled city council is making it clear that they don’t give a damn about the safety and wellbeing of the people they represent.

Just like Biden has done his whole political career, the Minneapolis city council members are exploiting the national spotlight and media attention to advance their own personal political fortunes.

Joe Biden did the same thing as a U.S. senator. He used a crisis in order to advance his own political ambitions. It was the 1980’s, and the Democrat Party was viewed as weak on crime as violence ravaged America’s cities.

Biden thought being seen as “tough on crime” would advance his standing among Democrats so he supported heavy handed laws to show the American people how “tough” Democrats could be.

So, Biden led the charge on a new crime bill in 1994 that resulted in mass incarceration of young black men and longer prison sentences that disproportionally impacted the black community. Biden supported efforts to eliminate parole and prison capacity requirements. He also supported efforts to raise maximum sentences and to impose harsher punitive rules.

Biden’s mass incarceration policies decimated black communities and families across America as fathers and sons remained in prison. Unlike the lip service we hear from liberals today, Biden wasn’t interested in rehabilitation efforts.

What you are seeing is a Democrat-controlled city using the brave men and women who put their lives on the line to serve and protect the community everyday scapegoated. Joe Biden is fueling this rhetoric and refuses to stand up for law enforcement — a vast majority of whom serve with dignity, class and honor.

President Trump will always protect every American’s right to protest and voice their discontent for the system. President Trump’s policies are making a difference for the black community, while Joe Biden disparages law enforcement and continues to offer empty promises to a black community that he did so much damage to as a brutally ambitious Senator.

Joe Biden, the Washington political class, and liberal elite do not need the police. They can afford private security. It’s the rest of America that is left high and dry without the brave men and women of law enforcement.

America cannot afford to elect a man who has shown he is neither a friend to the Black community, nor a friend to law enforcement. Biden has had nearly fifty years in public life to bring about the change he is now calling for and he didn’t do a thing. Meanwhile, President Trump is delivering results to the Black community and protecting economic opportunity for Americans of all backgrounds.

Joe Biden doesn’t have what it takes to keep Americans safe. President Trump understands what it takes to protect Americans and he will continue to do just that.

Sheriff Carolyn “Bunny” Welsh is the first woman to be elected Sheriff of Chester County, Pennsylvania, a position she held from January 2000 until January 2020.