EXCLUSIVE: Counterterrorism Expert Says ‘The Goal Of Antifa Is To Overthrow The Government’

(PIERO CRUCIATTI/AFP via Getty Images; Kyle Shideler)

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Kyle Shideler, director and senior analyst for homeland security and counterterrorism at the Center for Security Policy, spoke with the Daily Caller’s Samantha Renck about the history of Antifa, Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone and more.

“You probably started hearing the term ‘Antifa’ maybe back in the trouble with Berkeley and some of the cancellations that were taking place of conservative speakers on college campuses,” Shideler said. “But that’s only about two, three years ago.”

The reality of Antifa, as Shideler explained, dates back to the 1930s.

“We traced it in the article all the way back to 1932 when the Communist Party of Germany founds Anti-Fascist Action.”

Shideler expressed concerns for the amount of support Antifa receives from local and state officials.

“What is distressing is the level of support that Antifa does get from local and state officials from some of these more radical areas,” Shideler said. “We’ve seen these in Portland, we’re seeing it in Seattle with the mayor and some of the city council members who are essentially supporting this insurrection.”

Shideler emphasized that the ongoing situation in Seattle can and will also be used as fuel for future movements.

“Even though this won’t last, this zone is not going to last, the people who took this action are learning lessons, they are creating propaganda, they are motivating new followers, and we’re going to see all of those things happen again.”

Shideler talked more about the situation in Seattle, the future of Antifa, its threat to the country and more.(RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: We Have Correspondents On The Ground In Seattle’s No Cop Zone. Here’s What It Looks Like)


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