EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS: American Flag-Bearing Demonstrators Cause Uproar Within Seattle’s Autonomous Zone

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Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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CAPITOL HILL AUTONOMOUS ZONE (CHAZ) — Flag-bearing Americans caused an uproar within Seattle’s “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” (CHAZ) as they tried to enter the area to protest Saturday afternoon, according to Daily Caller reporters on the ground.

Katie Daviscourt and a man who asked to be referred to as Maximus X arrived at the outskirts of CHAZ, the area that has been taken over by protesters and deemed a cop-free zone, with two giant American flags Saturday. The duo was accused by some of being white supremacists and members of the right-wing organization Proud Boys, but they both said they were simply there to show support for America and peacefully protest.

“We’re standing up for our freedoms as Americans. This is America, this is not CHAZ,” Daviscourt, the Washington/Oregon representative for Turning Point USA, told people as they marched around the perimeter of the commune.


Daviscourt and Maximus were allowed to enter CHAZ after heated arguments and were followed by a large crowd. The two were heckled by CHAZ occupants and some accused Maximus, who is black, of being a traitor to his race. Daviscourt told occupants that she was there to support Maximus, who also said he’s an Air Force veteran.

The already-tense situation quickly escalated, with one person throwing liquid onto the American flag and another person stealing Daviscourt’s flag. The crowd then began to gather closer around the duo as they marched, although some CHAZ occupants were trying to keep the peace.


After heated arguments inside Cal Anderson Park, part of the area now within CHAZ borders, the occupants began to force the American flag-bearing people out of the commune. The situation was tense, with various arguments and chants of “Black Lives Matter” breaking out. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: ‘I’ve Been Scared Every Day’: Seattle Resident Speaks Out About Life On The Border Of CHAZ)

At one point, a person in the crowd tried to steal the second American flag from Maximus. A third unknown man who appeared to be guarding the duo regained control of the American flag, holding it close to his body as the fight continued.

Some protesters appeared to help diffuse the situation, and Daviscourt, Maximus and the third man were run out of CHAZ. They were chased for multiple blocks outside of the border, eventually escaping in a car.


Throughout the march, Daviscourt and Maximus repeatedly told those within CHAZ that they were there to represent unity and wanted to peacefully protest. The two had some discussions with CHAZ occupants. One woman argued with Maximus about whether the American flag represented unity, while another woman asked Daviscourt why she was supported Maximus.

“I am an American. I love this country,” Daviscourt replied.