Isaac Wright Jr. Gives Real World Solutions To Fix Criminal Justice System

Maranda White House Correspondent
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The man who inspired the new ABC TV show “For Life” joined Daily Caller White House correspondent Maranda Finney to discuss his journey from being set-up, convicted and sentenced to life behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit to becoming a lawyer and fighting the very system that mistreated him.

Isaac Wright Jr. served nearly 7 years behind bars in state prison before justice would be served. While serving time in prison in New Jersey, Wright Jr. begun his journey to becoming a lawyer. Wright Jr. started working as a paralegal while in prison and helped nearly two dozen fellow inmates get their sentences reduced.

When the time came for his own appeal, Isaac made strides in proving his innocence, but it was a trail of misconduct by the prosecutor who essentially put him away that would end up helping clear his name and set him free.

Today Mr. Wright Jr. spends his time working as an attorney, serving as an executive producer on ABC’s “For Life” alongside rapper 50 Cent, and addressing  criminal justice reform. Check out the video below to hear all his views on reforming the system and more. (RELATED: Cooking In Quarantine: Chef Mike Gives Culinary Tips For Your Quarantine)

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