‘Seattle Would Be The First City To Fall’: Jesse Watters Mocks Jenny Durkan’s Response To CHAZ

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Jesse Watters mocked Democratic Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan’s response to the encamped and ongoing protest in her city.

Watters discussed the situation — the creation of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) with no input from residents or small business owners who now find themselves walled inside the protest movement — during a Monday segment of “The Five.” (RELATED: ‘He Played Dumb’: Jesse Watters Slams Andrew Cuomo Over Nursing Home COVID Directive)


Cohost Juan Williams began by comparing the situation in Seattle to the 2016 standoff that occurred when armed men seized control of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon.

“I mentioned last week and I still am stumped by this. In 2016 I think it was, there was a group of gun-toting people took over a federal wildlife reserve in Oregon, disrupted federal government workers. And there was no outcry from the far right, but outcry over this. What is the difference?” Williams asked.

Watters said that he didn’t remember much about that particular situation, but pointed out the fact that it was not in a residential area or where people were trying to operate their businesses.

“Okay, this is six city blocks in the middle of a hustling bustling metropolitan area with small businesses right there. A little bit different, but neither here nor there,” Watters replied, adding, “God forbid, Juan, if this country is ever invaded, because Seattle would be the first city to fall. I mean, is the mayor French? Because she surrendered before there was even shots fired. She has allowed a bunch of hitchhikers and radical ideologues to come into her city and basically build a fort, like a 12-year-old would build a fort in your house and start making demands.”

Watters went on to suggest that those in charge had changed the name from CHAZ to CHOP (Capitol Hill Ongoing Protest) in order to avoid comparison’s to Will Farrell’s character in the movie “The Wedding Crashers.”

“Remember? They thought that was maybe too close to home,” he said, noting that Farrell’s character lived in his parents’ basement and wore pajamas all day.

“Deep down they want to give this group a room to be radical because they are kind of living vicariously through them,” Watters concluded, arguing that both Durkan and Inslee were “Baby Boomers” who had grown up in the era of 60s protests. “But they are just not treating them the same. Because if there were, those Bundy people or whoever Juan was talking about in the city, they would have snipers on the roof ready for the kill shot.”