Chris Hahn Says Trump Will Lose And His ‘Incompetent’ Staffers Will Be Looking For Jobs At Walmart

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Democratic strategist Chris Hahn predicted Tuesday that President Donald Trump would lose his reelection bid in November.

Hahn, who joined American Conservative Union President Matt Schlapp on “The Daily Briefing” with Dana Perino, claimed that once the election was over, “incompetent” Trump staffers would be looking for jobs either with Schlapp or at Walmart. (RELATED: ‘Stop, Stop, Stop’: Laura Ingraham Forced To Referee Spat Between Matt Gaetz And Chris Hahn)


Hahn began by responding to Trump’s executive order on safety in policing, suggesting that it was mainly intended to provide cover for senators who “don’t want to do anything substantive on this issue.”

“I don’t believe that this executive order does anything other than give cover to the Senate to do nothing on this issue going forward. It doesn’t technically do anything,” Hahn explained. “So God help us if we come to a point in November and we haven’t acted, but I’m hoping that the next congress and the next president, starting in January of 2021 take full action on this and make sure all Americans, all Americans have the opportunity to feel safe in their communities and be safe when they are confronted with law enforcement.”

Schlapp jumped in then to “set the record straight,” pointing out the fact that former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden had served for eight years without taking action on this particular issue.

“The city of Minneapolis and the state of Minnesota, from soup to nuts, top to bottom, is run by very left-leaning Democrats, you see this in these major urban cores where we are having all these police problems, it is run by Democrats,” Schlapp replied. “I appreciate Chris would like to insert Donald Trump and who the president is to all those communities, those communities have bought into the democratic solutions and they are simply not working. I applaud the president for doing what he can even though he doesn’t have much to say in these cities to try to take some reasonable steps.”

Hahn turned the argument back on Trump, saying that he had negatively impacteed law enforcement by undoing executive orders placed on police departments by the Obama Justice Department. “When you’re the President of the United States, Matt, you are responsible even when it is not your fault particularly,” he said.

“Criminal justice reform,” Schlapp interjected. “Criminal justice reform.”

“He’s done nothing to lower the temperature in this country,” Hahn asserted. “He’s only stoked the flames and made things worse and chaotic —”

“That’s not true,” Schlapp interrupted.

“— And that’s why he’s going to lose in November. And all of the incompetent people who work for him will be looking for jobs with you or at Walmart,” Hahn concluded.

Perino brought the segment to a close, saying, “The economy is going to be good, everyone’s going to have a job. I love Walmart.”