Sean Davis Blasts ‘Whiny Cry-Bullies Of The Left’ Who Targeted The Federalist

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Sean Davis, Federalist Cofounder, said Tuesday that The Federalist had been targeted by the “whiny cry-bullies of the left,” but that the real problem was the smaller groups that have also been targeted.

NBC reported earlier Tuesday that Google had taken steps to demonetize two right-leaning websites, The Federalist and Zero Hedge, over content posted about rioting and looting that took place in the wake of George Floyd’s death. (RELATED: Google To Ban Ads On The Federalist After NBC News Raises Concerns About George Floyd Protest Articles)

Davis explained to Fox News host Tucker Carlson that The Federalist is back in Google’s “good graces,” but only because it is a larger publication with a large audience. Smaller entities, he noted, might not have the ability or the resources to fight back.


“Tell us the obvious thing, did you know this was coming?” Carlson asked.

Davis said no, that Google had never sent a formal notice of any kind and he and others at The Federalist had only learned of the issue from the NBC reporter who emailed a general information account to ask how people felt about Google demonetizing the site.

“At that point we started reaching out to connections we have at Google and found out that it turns out yeah, something was going on there but it wasn’t what NBC or Ms. Fraser had said,” Davis explained.

“It looks like NBC, the network that coddled Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer, by the way, had partnered with a foreign left-wing group in Europe to go after us and use Google to go after us, and as of now since we have temporarily removed our comments sections, I can assure you they will be back, we are back in Google’s good graces but this is a pretty terrifying example of the power that you have between the unholy union of corrupt media and monopolistic tech oligarchs.”

Carlson suggested that another potential issue was election interference, saying, “We have an election looming on the horizon, we have news companies trying to put their competitors out of business with the help of a monopoly that only exists because it has a special carve out from the United States Congress. Where is the Congress, where is the Justice Department, why isn’t anyone stepping in to stop this?”

Davis said that concerned him as well, referencing the 2016 election and how worried everyone had been about election interference and agreeing with Carlson that it appeared to be an attempt to influence the upcoming presidential election.

“That is absolutely what it is and it’s being done by people who claim to be journalists, who claim to believe in free speech and freedom of expression and it’s not just that somebody came after us and try to deplatform us, the whiny cry-bullies of the left to do this all the time to their enemies, they can’t win arguments so they try and shut them down,” Davis concluded.

“We are a pretty big organization, we are influential, we have a big audience and a lot of influence, we were able to stop this. Now, most people, 99.99% of people who get canceled or deplatformed by these little marxist cry-bullies, they don’t have any recourse and it’s what’s happening to them that is the real crime, its not what’s happening to us.”