Cardi B Slams Critics Body Shaming Her, Says She Doesn’t Photoshop Her Photos

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Rapper Cardi B slammed critics for body shaming her and saying she edits her photos.

Cardi B posted a video showing off her body Tuesday on Instagram to prove that she isn’t editing any of her photos.

“Leave my rolls alone,” she captioned the video on Instagram.

“Now I know a b*tch gained some weight, because I had to make the thighs match the motherf**kin a**,” Cardi said in the video. “I know you b*tches ain’t body shaming me. I know I gained a little bit of weight and I’m actually holding it in… but it doesn’t matter though… I got lipo money.” (RELATED: Cardi B Is Disappointed In The Lack Of Sex During Quarantine)

“Like y’all think I’m editing it, just ask me for a thing. I got a little fat. I gained a little weight, you know what I’m saying? It’s all good. Can ask me for a video, I’ll show ya.”

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Baby I got you

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I love Cardi. She doesn’t take anything from anybody. She isn’t afraid to call people out and prove her own point. In this video, she clearly just wants everyone to know if she wants to be skinnier, she’s just going to go get liposuction. To each their own.

Why photoshop your pictures when you can just drop some cash and get lipo?