Woman Reportedly Tests Positive For Coronavirus Four Months After Recovering

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

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A Dallas woman said that she tested positive for coronavirus again after recovering from the disease in February, NBC 5 reported Tuesday. 

Meredith McKee ended up at Texas Health Presbyterian in Dallas, Texas Friday for high blood pressure and a headache. She posted a photo over the weekend from announcing that she was sick again. (RELATED: Tulsa Officials Say Trump’s Saturday Campaign Rally Could Be A ‘Super Spreader’)

McKee told NBC 5 that she first discovered she had the virus in February after experiencing “clear and obvious” symptoms, and beat the virus from home. She said that she donated plasma twice after recovering. 

The plasma would help up to 8 people, McKee added, and she “felt great doing finally something good coming out of the hell that I’ve been through.”

“I would never have known had they not insisted on doing another COVID test,” she said, adding that she was “floored” when the test came back positive.  

McKee added that she is “mortified, and seriously devastated” that she may have exposed others to coronavirus without knowing.  

Researchers say that after getting coronavirus once, people will gain some immunity, according to a Wall Street Journal report. Scientists have said that it’s unclear how long the immunity will last, but that the first COVID-19 infection will likely be the most severe. 

The strength of immunity and how much time it lasts varies based on genetics, sleep patterns, and diet, according to the report. Researchers have said that immunity from a previous infection or a vaccine will hopefully last longer than the immunity from the typical flu because the coronavirus mutates more slowly.