Kayleigh McEnany’s White House Press Briefing Derailed By Tech Disasters

Screenshot/Fox News

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s briefing was derailed Tuesday by major issues with the audio systems.

The problems persisted throughout the briefing, causing loud reverb and echoes and at other times cutting out entirely while McEnany and reporters were speaking. It got so bad that Fox News host Harris Faulkner had to cut away from the White House more than once. (RELATED: ‘A Ridiculous Proposition’: Kayleigh McEnany Fires Back After Biden Worries Military Might Have To Remove Trump)


Faulkner, who tried to show the briefing live several times, cut away and returned to “Outnumbered Overtime” when it was clear that the audio simply wasn’t going to function properly.

“We’ve now gotten word that the audio has been repaired. Back to the White House press briefing. And they have done it to me twice,” Faulkner said. “They have done it to me twice. Okay. I apologize to the viewers, to the audience, my panel. We now still have a problem with the audio. I apologize to press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who unfortunately has no idea this is going on, on the bring it on the air end of things.”

The audio distortion proved to be quite a distraction for many.