North Korea Did What? — Former CIA Deputy Chief For Korea Explains

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Bruce Klinger, a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation and Former CIA Deputy Chief for Korea, spoke with the Daily Caller’s Samantha Renck about North Korea’s recent action of blowing up a liaison building and why the U.S. should care and more.

North Korea blew-up and destroyed a liaison building meant for talks between the country and South Korea, according to multiple reports.

“[North Korea] is using this liaison office, sort of a quasi-embassy between the North and the South,” Klinger explained, “as I think the first step to what will be a series of provocative measures.”

Klinger labeled the incident a “low-key provocation,” adding that “the building had been vacant since at least January because of  COVID.”

Klinger also noted North Korea’s history of dramatic explosions, including “the nuclear test site entrances [and] the cooling tower at the nuclear production facility.”

“The regime, particularly Kim Jong Un’s sister, who’s increasingly prominent in the role between the Koreas, have vowed that this will be the first of a series of actions,” Klinger said. “She’s also saying that the next step could be implemented by the army so there’s some concern they may do something provocative militarily either along the DMZ or along a disputed maritime boundary out in the west sea.”

Klinger also discussed why the United States should care, future relations between the West and North Korea and more. (RELATED: KENNEDY: It’s Time To Rethink Our Approach To North Korea)


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