5 Emergency Survival Bags To Keep You Prepared, Now On Sale

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We all know that sticky situations and serious emergencies can happen in the blink of an eye. But, are you ready for them? Give yourself peace of mind by keeping a bag full of essentials in your home, car, or office so that you’re always ready when disaster strikes. And to make things super easy, we found five fantastic kits that are all on sale right now.

Runner 24-Hour Emergency Bag with KN95 Mask$129.99

If you want to be ready for the unexpected, this emergency bag can help. In addition to emergency basics, like a first-aid kit, a KN95 mask, and protective goggles, this bag also includes potentially life-saving items that are must-haves in a crisis. From its compact survival kit consisting of a compass, blanket, fire starter, and duct tape to its 24-hour food and water supply, this emergency bag is loaded with gear that could come in handy.

Designed by Echo-Sigma, an expert in emergency preparedness bags, this bag is designed for both being stationary and on the move. That’s why the entire pack is MOLLE compatible to be tacked onto another pack and also has its own set of straps to wear as an independent backpack.

For a limited time, you can get the Runner 24-Hour Emergency Bag with KN95 Mask here for nearly half-off.

Everyday Carry Bag$204.99

This Everyday Carry Bag by Echo-Sigma is ideal for those who are always on-the-go or who need a little something extra to add to their already-existing emergency bag. Whether you’re running everyday errands or heading off on a solo hike, this easy-to-carry satchel has handy gear that can help in a jam, including an indestructible charger, a SOG Baton Q2, and a SOG Flint multi-tool, perfect for emergency situations.

Referred to as “a bit of insurance that no one should be without,” by Recoil Magazine, there’s no question that the Everyday Carry Bag is something you’d benefit from during both your mundane activities and exciting adventures.

Get the Everyday Carry Bag here for 10% off its regular price.

Get Home Bag: 72-Hr Emergency Gear with KN95 Mask – $269.99

Whether you’re stranded somewhere without electricity or trapped in a storm while out camping, this Get Home Bag by Echo-Sigma is designed to help you come out safely and in one piece. Perfect for keeping in the trunk of your car, a cabin, or even your home, this equipped emergency bag is loaded with gear to help you get through a natural disaster, emergency, or high-stress situation. That’s because it has an impressive food and water supply that can last up to three days, a jam-packed first-aid kit (which boasts a KN95 protective mask), a handy SOG Micro Toolclip, and an emergency tube tent.

In true Echo-Sigma fashion, all the bag’s items are stored in a way that lets you grab them easily at a moment’s notice, making it one of the most efficient emergency bags of its kind. That also means there’s no assembly required — it’s ready to go whenever you are.

Snag your own Get Home Bag: 72-Hr Emergency Gear with KN95 Mask here for over 20% off its normal rate.

Echo-Sigma Bio-Bag with KN95 Mask $84.99

While viral threats may not be the same as a natural disaster, they can still pose a huge threat to your health and safety. But with this Bio-Bag by Echo-Sigma, you can be prepared during some seriously sticky situations. Ideal for protecting you from viral, anti-respiratory threats, the Bio-Bag comes equipped with sanitizing wipes, nitrile gloves, and of course, the KN95 face mask. It also features a standard first-aid kit and additional pockets intended for water supply and more.

Protect yourself with the Echo-Sigma Bio Bag, now 15% off when you click here.

Bug Out Bag Complete Emergency Kit with KN95 Mask$599.99

When it comes to being prepared for serious emergency situations this Bug Out Bag Complete Emergency Kit can be a total life-saver. That’s because it has a supply of essential amenities like water, food, and power that are meant to last for days and potentially weeks. It even has a cozy sleeping bag attached to the pack!

The Bug Out Bag Complete Emergency Kit also includes a handful of crisis must-haves, including a first-aid kit, an emergency tube tent, and a Midland ER210 multi-power radio. And thanks to the bag’s innovative interior design, you can grab 95% of its contents at a moment’s notice, making it more than ideal in an emergency.

Get the Bug Out Bag Complete Emergency Kit for nearly 15% off here.

Prices subject to change.

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