EXCLUSIVE: Leo Terrell On Trump, Biden, Policing And Why He Left The Democratic Party

(Photo by Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images/DailyCaller)

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Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell joined the Daily Caller’s Scott Morefield to discuss why he no longer considers himself a Democrat.

Terrell, a frequent cable news guest, was recently dubbed “Leo 2.0” by Fox News host Sean Hannity because, to the pleasant surprise of conservatives, many of the positions he has taken of late have not aligned with the shifting ideological demands of the woke left.

In this wide-ranging interview, the civil rights attorney weighs in on the current state of policing in America, how the Democratic Party has been “hijacked” by extremists, who presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden should pick as his running mate, President Donald Trump’s accomplishments for the black community, what the president needs to do to increase his support and more.

Terrell also lends his knowledge as a civil rights attorney to explain why the officer who shot Rayshard Brooks should not have been charged. (RELATED: ‘Typical Democratic Playbook Gamesmanship’: Leo Terrell Criticizes Atlanta Mayor For Firing Officer Who Shot Rayshard Brooks)

“Every time a police officer uses deadly force on a black person, it is not a crime,” he said. “There are some shootings that are justified, but what has happened is, a mindset of the left, a police officer shoots a black person, police officer is wrong. No, that is a false assumption. Every case has to be looked upon by the facts.”