Man With Machete Tattoo On Face Allegedly Attacks Man With Machete


Nicholas Elias Contributor
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Justin Arthur Allen Couch was arrested Tuesday for allegedly assaulting a man with a machete.

The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office, located in Florida, said in a statement that the victim is currently unable to use his hand after attempting to block a machete strike to his face. Couch allegedly denied the man from obtaining his cell phone and wallet from a residence that the victim was living at. (RELATED: Police Officer Resigns After Allegedly Using Police Database To Find A Woman On Facebook)

Couch was supposedly at a gathering at the residence, and started an argument with the victim “for no reason,” per the police statement. When Couch and the victim went outside Couch produced the machete and approached the victim “aggressively” and demanded that he leave immediately.

The victim asked to go inside and get his cell phone and wallet, to which Couch denied and said  “There’s nothing here for you, leave,” reported the police statement. When the victim insisted he get his items, Couch struck the victim several times with the flat end of the machete blade on his arms and legs.

The victim alleges that Couch attempted to hit him in the face with the sharp end of the blade, but the victim blocked it with his arm, according to the police report.

When the victim woke up, he sought out Couch at another location, per the police report. Couch transported the victim to a friend’s house, who then brought him to the hospital. A witness said that he “did not see or hear anything” but did take the victim to the hospital.

Couch is currently being charged with aggravated battery and has a bond of $10,000.