‘Trump Derangement Syndrome Support Group’: House Candidate For Pennsylvania Comes Out Shooting In New Ad


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Republican Pennsylvania congressional candidate Sean Parnell came out shooting in his most recent campaign ad.

“I’m old enough to remember when the House of Representatives functioned as a legislative body, and not a Trump Derangement Syndrome support group,” Parnell, an Army Ranger veteran and author, joked. He then explained in detail — with a few more jokes thrown in — why he was running for Congress in an ad produced by Arsenal Media Group. (RELATED: ‘Absolutely Absurd!’: Sean Parnell Fires Back At Tom Wolf Over Waiting For A ‘Foolproof’ Vaccine)


Throughout the ad, Parnell took the fight to the incumbent Democratic Rep. Conor Lamb, saying that he had voted with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi 90% of the time and had voted to impeach President Donald Trump.

“Lamb supports Joe Biden, who wants to put AOC in charge of Pennsylvania’s energy jobs,” Parnell said, adding, “That’s like putting Bill Clinton in charge of your intern program.”

He outlined specific legislation that Lamb had voted against as well, such as the Born Alive Act, and noted Lamb’s F-rating from the NRA and his voted for the Paris Climate Accord.

Mentioning awards he had earned for his military service, Parnell added, “what I really received in fighting for this country is a deep appreciation for just how damn important our freedom is.”

He concluded with a promise to “grow our economy, protect Pennsylvania’s energy industry, cut our taxes and serve our veterans. Heck, I might even work with our president instead of impeaching him.”

Arsenal Media Group Managing Partner Jason Cole had nothing but praise for Parnell and his campaign. “Working with Sean and his campaign was a blast,” Cole told the Daily Caller. “I’m glad his message of rebuilding the economy and working with President Trump is being so well-received. We need more humor and authenticity in campaigns.”

Parnell told the Daily Caller that he’s been overwhelmed by the support he’s gotten from both his prospective district and around the country.

“America has just been through one of the toughest times in our history,” he said. “A pandemic. The subsequent economic collapse. And just as we started to emerge, political unrest and rioting.”

“Despite all of what we went through, I want Americans to know we still live in the greatest nation on earth. We are still a land where dreams can be realized. And because of that, we will see this crisis through and be stronger on the other side.”

He explained the infusion of humor in his ad, saying that it was time for Americans — even when it came to politics — to “lighten up and have a little fun.”

“Ultimately we filmed this video because I wanted America to know that it is okay to laugh again. It’s okay to LOVE your country. It’s okay to be patriotic,” he explained. “This is America!”