Toby Keith Explains What The American Flag Means To Him

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Country music star Toby Keith explained what the American flag means to him amid ongoing protests across America.

Keith made his comments during an interview with Radio.com published Thursday.

“I have so much respect for the military,” Keith said. “When I see the flag I just think of the military. They’re the reason that we get to live in this wonderful country. They’ve served in so many conflicts to save the world, not just America but to save the world. It represents the leader; we are the leaders of the free world.”

Keith said he’s been doing shows for the United Service Organization for 11 years. (RELATED: Toby Keith Surprises Veteran With All-Terrain Wheelchair Before Concert)

“That flag, to me after doing one show for the USO way back in early 2000 to honor my father, I saw such a void, that it had become kind of uncool to go and do what Bob Hope and the USO has done for so long,” Keith added. “I saw that void and they said ‘we’ll take you every single time we can get you.'”

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“For eleven years now, I think we’ve done over 200-something shows, met so many people, and they wear that on their arm,” Keith said. “That flag is on the sleeve of their fatigues, and when I see that it automatically makes me proud to be a supporter of the military.”