‘The Left’s Goal Is To Make Dissent Invisible And Therefore Irrelevant’: Tucker Carlson Responds To Tech Censorship

(Fox News screengrab)

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted Twitter and YouTube for censoring content from his program during a Friday night “Tucker Carlson Tonight” monologue.

After playing a “mock tourism ad” the program aired, then shared to Twitter earlier this month, Carlson noted that the social media network “flagged it as ‘potentially sensitive content’ and then they hid it from view.”

“They were saying beware, keep your kids from watching this,” he said. “What’s the justification for warning people of that? We have no idea.”


The Fox News host then told viewers that YouTube also flagged the program’s “half-hour response to nationwide black lives matter riots” with a warning that the content “has been identified by the YouTube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.'”

“By offensive they mean that the left doesn’t like it, and that is the new standard and there’s only one response under that standard, silence the person who disagrees with you,” Carlson said. “That’s why censorship is now everywhere. It’s why the tech companies started censoring the president. It’s why they’re getting more aggressive at silencing you.” (RELATED: PARSCALE: Twitter Censors President Trump But Not Communist China? Something Doesn’t Add Up)

The Daily Caller co-founder speculated that eventually “offensive” content would simply “be erased.”

“It’s digital, it’s not hard to erase it,” he said. “We will never give in, obviously, but the left’s goal is to make dissent invisible and therefore irrelevant. Meanwhile, these same tech companies make it very easy for 12-year-olds to watch hard-core pornography. They have no problem with that at all, but political views they disagree with? No. ‘Gone With The Wind’? ‘Too scary.’ It tells you everything, about what they care about and who they are.”