Crowd Roars When Trump Tosses A Glass Of Water On Stage To Make A Point About The Media

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President Donald Trump drank water from a glass, then tossed the rest of the water onto the stage at Saturday night’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Media speculation abounded about the president’s health after he walked slowly down a ramp and seemed to have difficulty drinking water during last week’s speech at West Point.

Trump introduced the topic by jokingly relating a conversation he had with First Lady Melania Trump about him “trending number one” not because of a great speech, but because everyone thought he “may have Parkinson’s Disease.”


“They say there is something wrong with our president,” Trump told the booing crowd. “I will let you know if there is something wrong, OK? I’ll let you know if there’s something. I’ll tell you what, there is something wrong with Biden. That I can tell you.”

Trump went on to explain that he also didn’t “want to get water on his tie.”

“So I lifted up the water … and I looked down at my tie,” he said. “I have taken water and it spills down onto your tie. It doesn’t look good for a long time, and frankly the tie is never the same.”

Trump put a glass of water to his lips using a hand to support it as he did last week, then said, “And they gave me another disease. They gave me another disease.” (RELATED: Richard Grenell Spars With CNN Anchor: John Bolton ‘Made A Whole Bunch Of Stuff Up’ To Get A ‘Big Book Deal’)

At which point the president took two sips normally, then tossed the remaining water onto the stage as the crowd roared.