Fox News Guest Compares Not Wearing A Mask To ‘Being A Reckless Driver,’ Says People Should ‘Be Fined’

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Dr. Dena Grayson compared not wearing a mask to “being a reckless driver” and called for those who refuse to do so in public settings to “be fined.”

Grayson, a former Democratic congressional candidate in Florida and the wife of former Democratic Florida Rep. Alan Grayson, appeared on Fox News’ “America’s News Headquarters” with anchor Arthel Neville on Saturday to discuss the upcoming Trump rally in Tulsa and the surge in coronavirus cases in younger people.


After a discussion about the Tulsa rally being inside and not requiring masks, Neville asked if those who don’t wear them are being “fair” to higher risk people who are still isolating.

“I think you’re exactly right about that,” Grayson said. “The median age of those infected has gone from the mid-60’s down to the mid-30’s, which is showing us that essentially older folks, higher-risk folks are staying at home but now we’ve got younger folks going out, going to bars, not wearing masks.”

Grayson expressed concern that those people could then spread the virus to vulnerable people. Responding to a question from Neville about how to get the message across to “where it sticks,” the doctor suggested using the force of law.

“Unfortunately what we are seeing is that states are starting to impose this and require this and fine people when they don’t,” she said. “Unfortunately, you know, it’s sort of like someone being a reckless driver and speeding, going 100 miles an hour. One way most people generally are reasonably obeying speed limit because they don’t want to die in a fatal car crash; but you know what, we have ways to levy fines so we can try to more than encourage people to do the right thing here and unfortunately I think that’s the situation we are in, where I think you just have to impose, you’ve got to wear masks.” (RELATED: Tucker Carlson Blasts Media Hypocrisy Behind ‘Mask Rage’)

While the wearing of face masks has become something of a partisan issue, with President Donald Trump and many conservatives tending to avoid them and Democratic leaders trying to push them on everyone, the science is still unclear as to what degree they work to stop the spread of coronavirus.