REVIEW: ‘Yellowstone’ Season 3 Premiere Is Excellent With ‘You’re The Indian Now’

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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The “Yellowstone” season three premiere was excellent with “You’re the Indian Now.”


After nearly 300 days of waiting for season three of the hit Kevin Costner show, it finally arrived Sunday night, and it was excellent. It felt so good to be back with the Duttons and the rest of the crew. (EXCLUSIVE: ‘Yellowstone’ Star Josh Holloway Previews Roarke Morris, Says The Show Is ‘Classically American’)

Overall, it was a pretty tame episode from an action standpoint. In fact, much like Cole Hauser previewed in my interview with him, the pace calmed down a lot from the end of season two.

Following the Duttons rescuing Tate from the Beck brothers to close out last season, John has resigned as the Livestock Commissioner and Jamie has taken his place.

This seems to have done a good enough job to gloss over any issues the Duttons might have had after using their position of power to hunt down and kill the Becks. We’re also about to find out just how loyal Jamie is to his father. As John tells him when he takes the role, one more betrayal and Jamie will be dead in the eyes of the Duttons. (EXCLUSIVE: ‘Yellowstone‘ Star Cole Hauser Previews Season 3, Explains Why Millions Of Americans Are Captivated By The Show)


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There’s also a great scene between John and Monica about how the Duttons are the Indians now. After years and years of her people being pushed out of their land, John and Kayce now find themselves in a similar position. It was damn near poetic!

One of the biggest questions coming into season three has been what is Roarke Morris (Josh Holloway) all about.

Well, we kind of have an idea now.

We see Beth and Roarke get an introduction to each other when he’s standing fishing in a stream that runs through Dutton land.

It’s clear that there’s going to be a lot of fun interaction with these two. He also is in control of some serious assets and money that he’s using to build an empire of his own.

Not only does this appear to be pushing on the Duttons, but he also seems to be encroaching on Thomas Rainwater. Is there another unlikely alliance in the works? It would certainly seem like a possibility!

Overall, it was a great episode to ease back into the world of “Yellowstone” with. I loved every second of it. Was it the most action packed episode we’ve ever seen? Most certainly not, but it was still great.

Monica appears to be all in on the ranching lifestyle, Roarke has entered the picture, Kayce appears to be taking over more and more control, Rip is as loyal as ever as he’s now with Beth and it seems like things are going reasonably well.

Yet, you can smell it in the air that trouble is just on the horizon. That’s what makes “Yellowstone” so great! Make sure to tune in next Sunday night on the Paramount Network for the second episode of season three!