‘This Is Just Despicable’: Symone Sanders Lashes Out At ‘Salacious Lie’ That Biden Is Hiding From Voters

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Symone Sanders blamed President Donald Trump and his campaign for perpetuating the “salacious lie” that former Vice President Joe Biden was not up to campaigning.

Sanders, who serves as a senior adviser for Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign, joined “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace to discuss the campaign. (RELATED: Biden Adviser Defends Dust-Up With Iowa Voter, Says He Meant To Say ‘Facts,’ Not ‘Fat’)


Wallace pointed out the fact that Biden has not been very visible despite the fact that he is the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, noting that while he has held a few “socially-distanced events,” he has not held a news conference in nearly three months.

“He has not held a news conference either in person or online for 80 days, almost three months. Why not?” Wallace asked. (RELATED: ‘Indefensible And Grotesque’: Jonah Goldberg Slams Kayleigh McEnany, And Chris Wallace Joins In)

Sanders avoided answering the question directly, instead saying that Biden has done several one-on-one interviews and taken text questions from the press, adding that his campaign has been active virtually. “So the reality is, what we have been doing is following CDC guidelines,” she explained.

“Why hasn’t he held a news conference for 80 days?” Wallace pressed again.

Sanders said that Biden had been “prioritizing local media” over national outlets.

Wallace then asked about President Trump’s comments suggesting that Biden was remaining hidden because he wasn’t actually up to the rigors of a full-time campaign.

“Does the former vice president contribute to the president being able to make that argument by being out of public view so often?”

“This is just despicable, Chris, it truly is,” Sanders replied. “The fact that folks are parroting this unfounded salacious lie from the president and his campaign, that Vice President Biden isn’t up to the challenge from he’s absolutely up to it. He’s absolutely up to it.”

Sanders went on to say that Biden couldn’t wait to stand on a debate stage with Trump, adding, “I find it interesting that folks continue to parrot these lines from the Trump campaign and Donald Trump, who stood at the White House press podium and suggested Americans should ingest bleach to clear themselves of the coronavirus.”