‘This Looks Like A Depressed Person’: Meghan McCain Says Image Of Trump After Rally Will ‘Stick With’ Voters


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Meghan McCain said Monday that the image of President Donald Trump after his Tulsa campaign rally is one that will “stick with” Americans.

McCain referenced the lower-than-expected turnout at the Saturday event during her appearance on The View, saying that a disappointing showing there combined with the way that the president appeared as he arrived back at the White House later that night created optics that were not terribly flattering. (RELATED: Here’s How Everyone Is Spinning Tulsa Trump Rally’s Lower-Than-Expected Turnout)


McCain began by noting that the campaign had bragged in the days prior to the rally about the number of tickets that had been reserved, creating the expectation of a large-scale event. “To say that it was far below expectations would be putting it very mildly,” she added.

McCain went on to say that there were images from every campaign cycle that tended to stick with the American public, such as former DNC Chairman Howard Dean’s scream and 1988 Democratic presidential nominee Michael Dukakis on a tank.

“The image of President Trump in front of a one-third full arena and then getting off his plane with his tie undone holding a MAGA hat looking depressed is going to be an image … this is an image that is going to stick with the American public,” she explained.

As a clip played of Trump disembarking from Marine One, McCain asked whether his appearance conveyed any confidence in his own reelection. (RELATED: ‘Only A Pandemic If You Are A Conservative’: Meghan McCain Blasts Cohosts For Making Her Defend Trump)

“No! This looks like a depressed person who just realized that maybe, just maybe, the writing is on the wall right now, and I think this is the image that is going to haunt the Trump campaign … This is bad, bad news for the Trump campaign,” McCain concluded.